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Vlogger Irfan Junejo losing subscribers over his Kashmir stance


As the tensions tighten between India and Pakistan over India’s brutal occupation and illegal annexation of Kashmir, many artists with fans across the border have taken a vow of silence on the matter. Fans are blaming this is due to the fear of losing pro-Indian stance subscribers. So why just point Irfan Junejo? The reason is these tweets below:

Irfan junejo tweet on kashmir
irfan junejo tweet

People are now upset because not only Irfan refused to use his fame and social influence to raise awareness about kashmir, but also linked the plight of 12.55 million Kashmiris parallel to an unfortunate but small-scale terror events in Quetta.

After this tweet Junejo got a lot of criticism on twitter and started trending in Pakistan. This is what some fans had to say:

Unfollow irfan junejo

Many testified unfollowing and unsubscribing the Youtuber saying fans have the power to give people fame and that they should respect public sentiments.

Irfan junejo
Kashmir issue and irfan junejo

Fans also tweeted how they are now ‘over’ Junejo due to his insensitive comments on Kashmir issue.

Vlogger ifran junejo

Twitter is a pro-active social media connecting people from all parts of the world and validating opinions. In this social media dominant society everyone is a journalist and has power to express their opinions. On one hand where many thing its Irfan’s personal choice to speak on any issue, belittling Kashmir just to prove a point wasn’t a very cool move. We wish Irfan to come back with a little socially responsible approach and win back the hearts of his fans.

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