Irfan Junejo Launches Second Youtube Channel After 2 Month Hiatus


Popular Vlogger Irfan Junejo Launches Second Youtube Channel After 2 Month Long Hiatus!

A couple months back, the popular vlogger – Irfan Junejo – revealed that he will no longer be making vlogs. Though, amidst the coronavirus lockdown, the youtuber was holding an Insta-live session a few days back where he hinted at a comeback during the cross-border collaboration with popular Indian stand-up comedian, Zakir Khan.

In the live-session, Comedian Zakir Khan told Junejo that he is looking forward to whatever he is going to do next, whether it be a Vlog or something else entirely. To this, Irfan Junejo replied;

“I have found new hope.”

Fast forward to yesterday, Irfan Junejo made his comeback with a gaming channel called “Junejo 2.0”. He opened up his new channel with a GTA Online video titled “Martin Boss Ka Pantar”.


On 10th February, Irfan Junejo released a video with the title “I Quit”. The vlogger started the video by saying;

“I no longer go to any event. I don’t attend any award ceremony anymore. Whenever I receive an invitation for a podcast, I decline. I have left twitter and I have stopped using a camera as often as before. As my popularity increased, I started becoming more and more reclusive. The most surprising part is, I love all of this (vlogging etc.) a lot.”

Talking about his inspiration, Junejo said that he started vlogging because he loved watching vlogs himself, that he thought making vlogs would be a lot of fun. He further went on to say that he didn’t ever think that vlogging would make his “wildest dreams” come true. He said;

“From meeting Ronaldhinio to purchasing my own dream bike. Through vlogging, I fulfilled each and every one of my materialistic wishes.”

He then talked about how vlogging has had negative effects on him. Junejo talked about how making vlogs has given him self-esteem and anxiety issues and how he no longer has the confidence left to make what he actually wants to make, how a boy once full of life and optimism has now become “Vanilla”. He announced quitting vlogging then and said;

“Vlogs are no longer the focus of my life. I will make whatever I want to make and I will make it whenever I want to make.”

Junejo concluded the video by thanking his fans for all the support they have given him throughout his career. You can watch the video yourself here:

As of now, it looks like Junejo is going to continue doing what he truly wants and make gaming videos while in quarantine. I am sure fans want him to make vlogs but lets support him for what he wants to do!


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