Intruder Who Sneaked Past Security Guards Detained In Eminem’s House


In a real life “stan/bad guy” situation, Eminem came face-to-face with an intruder who broke into his Detroit, Michigan home last month.

A representative for the 47-year-old rapper recently confirmed that in early April, an intruder broke into Eminem’s house. He came via the back of the house by using a paving stone to smash a kitchen window. Albeit the house is located in a ‘gated’ community, the intruder still somehow managed to avoid security. This also included Eminem’s own personal team of guards.

According to sources, the intruder i.e. 26-year-old man named “Matthew David Hughes” entered through the rear of the house, while Eminem’s security guard were at the front of the property. Some reports claim that the security was sleeping when the incident happened while others deny this claim entirely.

                             Matthew David Hughes – The 26 y/o intruder

Conflict in Reports and Charges Placed On The Intruder

Eminem aka Slim Shady aka Marshall Mathers was, as per some reports, was sleeping when this incident took place in the early morning hours. He woke up when the security alarm went off and rushed to investigate on his own. The rapper came face-to-face with the intruder in his living room where he called for his security. The security then woke up and snatched Hughes away.

On the other hand, some reports claim that neither Eminem nor his security were asleep when this incident took place. Eminem confronted Hughes in his living room himself and didn’t call for security. As per these reports, the rapper even detained the intruder himself until the police arrived.

All reports converge at how authorities were called to the rapper’s home. There, Hughes was taken into custody and booked on two charges. One, of first-degree home invasion and second, malicious destruction of a building.

As for the motivation, it seems Hughes did not steal any possessions. Seemingly, he only wanted some face-to-face time with the rapper, though he went about it in a very bad way. The city’s Macomb County Jail is still holding him on a $50k bond.

Coincidence, Prediction Or Inspiration?

This event might seem like just any other celebrity obsession one but there might be more to it than you think. In 2000, Eminem released his acclaimed album “The Marshall Mathers LP” which featured a song called “Stan”. The song featured an overly obsessive fan i.e. “Stan” who had a little brother named “Matthew”. Stan said in the song that his little brother was only six years old. Fast forward twenty years to now, he should be……..26 i.e. the same age as the intruder “Matthew”.

This would not be that crazy had Eminem not released a follow-up for this song on his “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” way back in 2013. In the song “Bad Guy”, Stan’s brother Matthew- who is now all grown up – invades Eminem’s house to get revenge on him for his brother. The scary thing is how many lyrics of the song coincide with this incident;

“I’ve been driving around your side of this town
Like 9 frickin’ hours and 45 minutes now
Finally I found your new address, park in your drive
Feel like I been waiting on this moment all of my life”

“Keep tapping the glass lightly then start to crescendo
Sneak all the way ’round to the back porch”

“Shouldn’t be that easy to do this
You don’t plan for intruders beforehand?”

All of this seems too coincidental to be a mere coincidence. Whether this was an unintentional (or intentional 🙃) prediction by Slim or an inspiration taken by Matthew Mitchells from Bad Guy, that remains to be determined. Though, if it were in fact inspiration, its great that he didn’t take too much;

“Dragged to the back of a trunk
By one of your fans, irony’s spectacular, huh?”

“It’s just me, you and the music now, Slim
“I hope you hear it, we’re in a car right now”

“Last album now ’cause after this you’ll be officially done
Eminem killed by M and M
Matthew Mitchell, b**** I even have your initials”

The IRL Matthew got his wish to meet Eminem fulfilled but now Slim is definitely going to hate him forever. All of this points to how if you like someone, you should be respectful of their boundaries. Otherwise, you are just hurting yourself and them. Basically, be ‘fans’ and not ‘stans’.


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