Internet services disrupted across Pakistan

Internet services disrupted across Pakistan due to fault in submarine cable


Internet services across Pakistan were disrupted on Tuesday, due to a failure in the international submarine cable connecting Pakistan.

IMEWE and SEAMEWE 4 carry nearly 50% of Internet traffic in Pakistan but reports told that they are disconnected due to a failure occurred in an undetermined location.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) posted on Twitter, “We regret to inform you that due to international submarine cable fault, internet services are impacted across Pakistan.”

“Our technical teams are working on fully restoring internet services. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.”

PTCL told in a statement, “Due to a fault in the international submarine cable, internet services have been affected.”

A spokesperson of PTA told on Tuesday, “Since today evening, some areas of Pakistan experienced a disruption in services.”

The Telecommunications Authority stated that PTCL, along with some international organizations, is trying to determine the cause of the failure in the submarine cable. A spokesperson of PTCL told that the customers will be experiencing slow browsing due to the outage and said, “Technical teams are working on fully restoring internet services in the shortest possible time”.

According to reports, two major submarine cables that connect Pakistan to other countries were disconnected interrupting the Internet in Pakistan. Due to this, Internet users in Pakistan will continue to experience the problem of declining Internet speeds until the cable system is faulty.
It was also told that a third submarine cable system, AAE-1, was also partially damaged by severe vibration. Experts say that this will only make the situation worse.

Several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) confirmed the failure on Tuesday and stated that they were transferring the load to other underwater systems, which would balance the load to some extent. However, the services may be downgraded until IMEWE and SEAMEWE 4 are fully restored.

No timeframe for repairing the two affected submarine cables was confirmed. However, a PTA spokesperson confirmed that a full repair of the two cables could take several hours.

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