Instagram Influencer Fatima Nasir Apologizes for Insensitive Post on Hafeez Centre Fire


Now Reading: Instagram Influencer Fatima Nasir Apologizes for Insensitive Post on Hafeez Centre Fire 

Instagram influencer – Fatima Nasir – has apologized for uploading insensitive pictures of the Hafeez Centre fire incident. This apology comes after she got labelled a clout chaser by the netizens and received major backlash for recording the scene while posing in front of the plaza as it went up in flames in a totally nonchalant manner.

Hafeez Centre is one of the busiest and biggest electronics market in Pakistan, located in Lahore. Early Sunday, it erupted into flames as the second floor of the plaza reportedly caught fire due to a short circuit. Soon, this fire quickly spread throughout the area, making its way up to the third and fourth floor, destroying everything inside.

This resulted in the destruction of a large number of businesses as expensive electronics worth millions, if not billions, got burnt to ashes. Due to the nature of the incident, the area was open to the public to allow easy access to any of the shop owners whose businesses suffered. Amidst this chaos, Instagram influencer Fatima Nasir recorded the day’s events and shared images of the tragic scene to her over 5,000 followers.

Whatever the intentions may have been, her demeanor in the pictures circulating on social media has made her the target of harsh criticism from the netizens. It is important to note that there is absolutely nothing wrong in covering a disastrous event. However, the pictures which have caused this type of reaction from the public feature, unsurprisingly, an implied chill behavior amidst a tragedy. No wonder the energy these exuded ended up rubbing people off in all the wrong ways.

Following are the pics in question:

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Fatima’s Apology

Soon after the harsh criticism she received from the public for the above mentioned insensitive pictures, the Instagram influencer issued a detailed apology. Here’s what her apology read:

“I would like to sincerely apologize to all who got hurt by my post. I do feel bad for the ones who suffered losses during the devastating fire at Hafeez Center and do realize that my photos have hurt the feelings of many and come across as insensitivity on my part. Please know that I mean no harm or hurt anyone. If it was a documentary you were shooting showcasing the current situation in Pakistan I was there to capture photographs of the incident as it unfolded. I was asked to go inside the fire perimeter to document everything in action on film. I had no intentions to make fun of anyone or anything there. My recent posts were offensive as I smile although I didn’t mean to make it look that way as if I was happy about it. Smiling was a reflex on my part and I’m sorry about it. I’m sorry for putting them up at the wrong time and triggering the rightful sentiments. I shouldn’t have done that. Will share the whole picture story soon.”

Fatima Nasir also ended up deleting all the pictures from her account and also made her Instagram account private, perhaps to stop the storm of rage she was facing.

The anger from the public side is obviously very understandable in this case as the girl took a public tragedy and made an ‘adventure’ out of it, without even trying to imagine the losses being faced by those affected. Though, her apology does seem sincere and the incident, unintentional.

Hopefully, the public finds it in their hearts to apologize her and may the outrage this time teach influencers in the future to not try to take advantage of disasters for reach and clout.


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