Child pornographer

Infamous Child Pornographer Sentenced To Jail AGAIN After Bail


On Tuesday, Lahore High Court (LHC) rejected the appeal of an Infamous Child Pornographer against his jail sentence. 

Lahore High Court has dismissed the appeal of Saadat Amin. He was convicted for child pornography and is member of an international racket. The appeal was against his 7 year jail sentence. Justice Farooq Haider rejected the culprit’s appeal after hearing the arguments of both sides. ( i.e. Amin’s advocate and the federal government.) This will nullify the bail granted to the culprit earlier.

The Culprit’s Appeal

Rana Nadeem Ahmad – advocate for the convict Saadat Amin – argued that his client had no involvement in the offence. The advocate termed Amin’s involvement in the case as baseless. He said that the trial court’s verdict was against facts. He further asked the LHC to negate the sentence and declare it illegal.

‘Saadat Amin was not involved in recording any child pornographic videos, so the Prevention of Electronic Crime Act does not apply to him’, the appeal argued. The advocate said;

“Let it be known that the trial court had earlier sentenced Saadat Amin to seven years in prison for child pornography racketeering despite insufficient evidences.”

Child pornographer

Looking at all the actual evidence and facts, Justice Haider dismissed the appeal of the child pornographer. The culprit will complete his jail sentence. The agencies imprisoned Saadat Amin in 2017. Since then, he has spent 4 years in jail.

Background Of The Case

On 26th April, 2018, a judicial magistrate found the convict – Saadat Amin – guilty of child pornography. Being involved in an international pornography racket, the culprit was sentenced to seven years in prison. The judiciary authorities also fined him 1.2 million rupees. Amin was the first-ever conviction in a child pornography case in Pakistan.

Federal Investigation Agency’s cybercrime cell had arrested the Child Pornographer on the complaint of the Norwegian embassy in 2017. The FIA officials arrested Amin from Sargodha. The culprit was in possession of more than 650,000 child pornography videos. The head of the investigation – FIA Asif Iqbal – also said that during interrogation, the convict had confessed to being a part of an international child pornography racket.

The international child pornography racket Amin was part of included Jan Lindstrom from Sweden, Giovani Betotti from Italy, Max Hunter from US as well as Andrew Moody and Mukhtar in the UK. FIA managed to produce 11 witnesses against the culprit.

It is good to see that the public and the agencies’ outrage on the LHC’s bail of the monster has taken its effect. This latest dismissal of the appeal is going to make the bail granted to Saadat Amin earlier also become ineffective. Authorities must punish absolute scumbags like this guy. They should make an example out of these monsters to prevent cases like this in the future.

Stay tuned for any more developments in this case!

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