Indian woman lodges case against husband for hiding his baldness

Indian woman lodges case against husband for hiding his baldness


Living with a man is full of surprises but what if these surprises turn into shocks?

A 27-year-old Indian woman has filed a case of breach of trust against her Mira Road-based husband for hiding the fact that he is bald.

The woman is a chartered accountant by profession and belongs to Maharashtra, India.

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The couple had an arranged marriage last month. The Naya Nagar police on Tuesday registered the case based on the woman’s complaint. The 29-year-old accused, who is employed in a private company, had moved the Thane court for anticipatory bail. He has been asked to surrender to the police.

The 27-year-old said if she had known, she wouldn’t have married him.

In her complaint, the woman said that she was shocked to learn that her husband had been wearing a wig, a fact that had not been revealed to her before the marriage took place.

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The sources have affirmed that she stated that had she known about the then prospective groom’s bald status, she would have rejected the proposal. The woman confronted her in-laws, who told her that it was a minor issue.

The police said that her in-laws and husband were booked under IPC sections 406 (breach of trust) and 500 (defamation).

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