Indian Media Just Killed 43 Chinese Soldiers At Galwan Valley

Indian Media Just Killed 43 Chinese Soldiers At Galwan Valley


Now Reading: Indian Media Just Killed 43 Chinese Soldiers At Galwan Valley

Indian Army has absolutely failed in maintaining its control there at the LAC (Line of Actual Control) as the Chinese Army has entered miles into official Indian territory. In the most recent events, Chinese troops have killed 20 Indian soldiers and ridiculed the entire Indian army in front of the entire world. Even the official Indian army correspondents have confirmed this news. However, as usual, the Indian media refuses to accept defeat and has started to lash out on both Pakistan and China. Also, out of nowhere, Indian media just killed 43 Chinese soldiers at Galwan valley. This is one of the biggest hoax thrown out by the Indian media after the “Balakot” incident.

Indian Politicians Are Angry

Even the Indian politicians are feeling ashamed of the bogus and misleading reports being published by television media. The thing for which the Indian media has always been notorious for is the fact that it can never publish facts, especially when it comes to a national disaster or blunder. A funny thing in all this mess is that at first the Indian army officials confirmed only 3 Indian deaths, and at that time, Indian media reported 5 dead Chinese in return. And when the Indian army confirmed 20 dead Indian soldiers, Indian media resorted to 43 dead Chinese soldiers. Typical Bollywood mentality!

Public Is Losing Trust In Media

Top Indian journalists are literally mocking the entire broadcast scenario of their country. Situation at Ladakh is extremely tensed and instead of showing responsibility and doing constructive journalism, Indian TV channels are running after ratings and click-bait, as usual. Many people have requested to completely ban these foolish channels because they serve no good to humanity spread false news and fake hope. People in Pakistan cannot help but giggle at the extent of how dumb a country’s media can be.

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