Indian Media Blames Pakistan For Sending Terror Trained Locusts

Indian Media Blames Pakistan For Sending Terror Trained Locusts


Reading Now: Indian Media Blames Pakistan For Sending Terror Trained Locusts

Indian media is as absurd as it gets. With their media being laden of C-class, rating-hungry TV channels, one cannot expect responsible journalism or factual information delivery. The wannabe investigators and news journalists with these channels just love to scavenge out any ridiculous claim that they can think of going against Pakistan. Ranging from spy-pigeons to spy-insects, Indian media might very well be sarcastic – or we wish it was. Sadly, people there seem serious. 

When we say Indian media blames Pakistan for sending terror trained locusts into India, we are talking about Arnab Goswami. If you do not know this name, you are a gem. This journalist somehow decoded the mystery behind locust infestation in his country and some facts led him to the source to all that mess being Pakistan. What is this? Seems more like a fun experiment to record reactions from people at such news.

Arnab Goswami – Republic TV

This energy pack is not only a headache for Pakistanis at the moment, but also the Indians themselves. Republic TV is a small news channel notorious for misreporting and misleading content. The characteristic of this TV channel and its workers is to create hype for the sake of TRP rating. With a conventional notion of Pakistanis and Indians hating each other most of the times year round, Arnab Goswami always comes up with the latest news of the grill against Pakistan for Indian viewers.

According to Arnab, Pakistan is unable strategically and economically to challenge India in any aspect of life, which is why Pakistan has now resorted to sending specially trained locusts to India to produce new problems.

Locust Infestation In Pakistan And India

Pakistan was struck by a locust attack of extreme nature and is still suffering from it. Amidst a pandemic, this new problem is increasingly becoming worrisome because the attack this time has broken the records of last 26 years.

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Indian Media Blames Pakistan For Sending Terror Trained Locusts

This attack of locusts spread to India in no time and is wreaking havoc on the crops there as well. Most African countries are also suffering from this new calamity and it is being feared that if situation prevails and adequate steps are not taken, a famine is imminent.

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