Indian Forces Claim to Catch A Pakistani ‘Spy Pigeon’

Indian Forces Claim to Catch A Pakistani ‘Spy Pigeon’


The Indian Forces once again, has came to a new low which show the level of intellect and judgement of the danger. Seems like ever since the Abhinandan incident they have not gone over the trauma.

Today Indian Officials notified the media that they have captured a pigeon, suspected to be trained in Pakistan for spying. The captured pigeon was captured  along the International Border (IB) in Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir.

According to them the poor pigeon was carrying a “coded message”,  and was captured by residents of Manyari village in Hiranagar sector soon after it flew into this side from Pakistan.

Security agencies concerned are working to decipher the “coded message”, the officials said.

“The villagers handed over the pigeon (to the local police station) yesterday. A ring was seen attached to one of its legs with some numbers on it and a probe is on,” – Senior Superintendent of Police of Kathua Shailendra Mishra said.

This is not the first time Indians claimed to capture spy pigeon from Pakistan. Every year we hear such news and now, even the Indians make fun of this:

Recently the Indian army also wished to attack Gilgit Baltistan, which clearly shows their obsession with Pakistan. Leaving the Pigeons aside ,  Indian authorities caught balloons in 2016 and claiming them to be from Pakistan and used for spying. Lets hope the captured pigeon gets the basic rights and not be treated like those Kashmiri’s.

India must not forget what Pakistan is capable of. The memories of February 27, 2019 will live an eternity as a nightmare to Indians for when they tried to open a war front with Pakistan. They ended up with a fantastic tea in their hands. From time to time, Pakistan has made a bold statement in the face of its rival, for when the need arises, the entire country is a solid wall for a pity Indian plan.

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