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‘Indian False Flag Operation Imminent’: PM Imran Khan Warns Pakistanis


Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned the people of Pakistan that a ‘False Flag Operation by India is Imminent’.

On Thursday, PM Imran once again warned everyone and expressed his serious concerns on Modi’s occupation of Kashmir. He highlighted the fact that India is all set for a false flag operation to divert the attention of the whole world from the inhumane acts of cruelty that it is committing on the Kashmiri people. The Prime Minister’s warning came after India recently committed ceasefire violations along the Line of Control. This act left multiple civilians injured.

PM Khan shared pictures of burnt and destroyed homes of the Kashmiris on his twitter handle as well. He said, “At least 15 homes of the Kashmiri citizens were torched by the Indian occupation forces in Srinagar yesterday”. He further added that India is subjecting Kashmiris to brutal oppression. Over 900,00 security forces stationed in IOJK are responsible for these atrocities. The Prime Minister then remarked;

“Modi’s Hindutva Supremacist Occupation Govt is committing war crimes in IOJK including changing the demography in violation of 4th Geneva Convention. I am reiterating again that a false flag operation is imminent from India in order to divert world attention away from its ongoing genocide in IOJK.”

Prior Concerns Expressed By PM Imran

On 17 May, Prime Minister Imran Khan also tweeted to express the same concerns. In a three-part tweet, the PM said that ‘Modi’s RSS-Inspired doctrine about Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IOJ&K) was quite clear’.

He said that the first move to implement his fascist views on Kashmir would be to deprive the people of Kashmir of their right to self-determination by illegally annexing their land to the state of India. Second in this series of moves would come treating them as less than humans by a ‘three-pronged approach’. According to the PM, this approach included;

“One, trying to crush them with brute force incl using inhumane weapons like pellet guns against women & children; two, imposing an inhumane lockdown depriving Kashmiris of basic necessities from food to medicines; & three, by mass arrests of Kashmiris esp youth & isolating IOJK from the world by cutting off all communication links.”

The PTI leader stated that the third move would be to paint the Kashmiris’ self-defense as Pakistani terrorism – creating a false flag operation and diverting the world’s attention away from Indian atrocities. Here’s what the PM said;

The PM’s concerns are justified as recently, India’s ceasefire violations as well as its brutality on the Kashmiris have taken a turn for the worse. Reportedly, in only 5 months of this year, India has committed 1082 ceasefire violations. Not only that, but it has killed multiple people residing near the border as well. Its about time that the world took notice of this and no longer fell pray to India’s false flag operations.


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