Indian court acquits all 32 accused in demolition of Babri Mosque

Indian court acquits all 32 accused in demolition of Babri Mosque


An Indian court has acquitted all 32 people who had been accused of crimes in a 1992 Babari Masjid attack. That leads to Hindu-Muslim violence leaving some 2,000 people dead.

The incident of demolition took place in the 16th century that leads to Hindu-Muslim massive violence.

Four senior leaders of the ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party had been among the accused at the trial. That languished in India’s sluggish legal system for almost 28 years.

All four party leaders are among those who deliver rabble-rousing speeches that provoked followers to the attack.

The four have said that the 460-year-old mosque’s demolition was spontaneous.

The verdict Wednesday follows a ruling by India’s Supreme Court last year. Favoring the building of a Hindu temple on a disputed site in Ayodhya.

The main opposition party also demanded that the government file appeal against the acquittal of all 32 accused in the case. In an official statement, the Congress said that

“The decision of the court runs counter to the decision of the Supreme Court of India as the BJP-RSS were part of the conspiracy to demolish the mosque.”

Construction of the temple – A Controversy

India’s top court handed a huge victory to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu right-wing party in November 2019.  Certainly, by awarding Hindus control of the holy site that once was home to the Babri Mosque.

As per Supreme court orders, the site in Ayodhya in northern India is managed by a trust to oversee the construction of a Hindu temple.

The Supreme Court allot a separate piece of land in Ayodhya to a Muslim group to build a “prominent” new mosque. The court had ruled in its hotly awaited 1,045-page verdict.

Islamic heritage in India 

A week after the 2019 rule for Hindu temple to begin construction at the holy site. The social media users took to Twitter to raise awareness of the country’s Islamic heritage using the hashtag #MosquesofIndia.

The decision by India’s Supreme Court dealt a defeat to Muslims who also claim the land that has sparked some of the ­country’s bloodiest riots since independence.

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