Indian atrocities in Kashmir being discussed in US Congress


The Kashmir lockdown by the Indian government is discussed in the US Congress for the first time in history.  It’s been 100 days since the curfew began with a complete internet shutdown while the cell phones and landlines are partially in access.

Given the seriousness of the issue and gross violations of Human Rights by Indian Army in the annexed Jammu and Kashmir, the US House Subcommittee held a hearing on Oct 22. This historic hearing was on the topic of Human rights in Asia, where the main concern is the human rights of Asian countries including Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India and a great debate was also held on the topic of Indian-occupied Kashmir. It is to be noted here, that in the past 70 years of occupation, not much attention was given to Kashmir and their human Rights before this Congress.

 “I’m waiting to hear about the gross human rights violations in Kashmir by Indian forces”- Congressman Brad Sherman

India has always asserted Kashmir as an Internal matter by hiding behind pomposity of war on terror.

“I disagree with the government on many issues but I wanted to make it “absolutely clear” that Kashmir is India’s internal issue and violence in Jammu and Kashmir is instigated by Pakistan. No other Countries Including Pakistan are allowed to Interfere”. – Rahul Gandhi

However, as the International media highlights Kashmir and Indian atrocities make headlines every other day in notable newspapers with millions of readers, the matter had to be escalated to the government level in the West. Earlier, the UN held a closed-door meeting on the issue too, which Pakistan considers as a diplomatic success.

India thas tried its best to defend itself on the international front but has never failed to raise the bogey of Pakistan. At the Hearing one of the Indian journalist Aarti Tickoo Singh passed a statement that Kashmiri diaspora led grassroots solidarity group Stand with Kashmir as “Pakistan’s ISI team.”

Pakistan has been tirelessly trying to get the matter the world’s attention, and as all eyes are not Kashmir, its time to see how far is Indian Government willing to go with injustice.

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