Chandrayaan2 failed

India News: Mission to the moon failed as India lost contact with Chandrayaan2


6 September, 2019: Later at night, when India’s mission to the moon was expected to land, the satellites lost contact with the lander named ‘Vikram’. The set back broke the hopes of many waiting to see the live landing on moon, but it was still marked as a big achievement by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

The Chandrayaan-2 took off from earth on July 22 with a made-in-India lander, orbiter and rover and crashed just moments before successfully landing. The success of soft landing was though doubted by the ISRO and was called as “15 minutes of terror” by Sivian, chairperson of the Indian Space Research Organization.

While many thought it was a great setup, ISRO is appreciated for the effort. Meanwhile in Pakistan, many were trolling the Indians who bragged about the space mission, while others schooled them not to mock the sincere effort.

Pakistan Minister for Science and Technology too joined the trolls with his hilarious tweets about the Chandrayaan 2.

Upon the tweets, Fawad Chauhdary has received many hate comments and schooling and some are also enjoying it as the twitter battle between India and Pakistan is never off the table. The mission is still the most talked-about news with #Indiaonthemoon trending number 1 on Twitter, followed by #FawadChauhdary.

But we got to admit, some trolls are just way too funny

Not to be insensitive, but the on-going kashmir violence in India has made Pakistanis go against every move of the state. People are just taking out their anger towards the neighbours with an aggressive call to stop violence and trolls.

India spent an estimated 900 crore on the Chand Rayaan 2 mission and its failure has caused a huge loss. Many Indians are claiming the mission as a diversion from the poor economic conditions, on-going violence and a state of civil war within the country.

While Pakistanis have the love-hate relationship with India, many have congratulated the state on its space mission, while many think that the state should first solve the on-going Kashmir crisis before entering space.

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