India Has Surrendered Galwan Valley To China

India Has Surrendered Galwan Valley To China


News Today: India Has Surrendered Galwan Valley To China

India has never seen a more lower level of national esteem to date. It has recently been revealed by Chinese sources that India has surrendered Galwan Valley to China. On one front, India acts as one of the most powerful democracies in the world with one of the largest armies, while on the other hand, it loses one of the most disputed part on the LAC (Line of Actual Control) at the hands of China. The reason for this failure lies in the fact that Modi is not a leader, rather a fascist with no diplomacy or strategy up his sleeve. Indians have been baffled with their incessant loss at the border and are resorting to fake reporting and bogus propaganda, rejected by India’s top analysts themselves.

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Modi Is Not Ready To Accept His Failure

Modi being the person he is, is not ready to accept his utter failure on the diplomatic front towards his national sanctity. India lost more than 20 of its soldiers in a brutal clash with the Chinese army with reportedly zero deaths on the Chinese side. After suffering from this disgrace, now Chinese officials have stated that India has surrendered its control over the Galwan valley and China now claims the land ownership of that area.

But Modi seemingly lives in a parallel universe where his country is as good as Bollywood depicts. He said in an all party meeting that neither China had intruded in the Indian territory nor took over any post in India. Where as Indian politicians and defense analysts have themselves confirmed the fact that China has entered miles into Indian territory and made permanent bunkers and posts, reflecting to their intentions of making a long stay.

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Rahul Gandhi, the opposition to BJP has completely thrashed Modi’s claims by asking very relevant and bold questions.

India’s Way Out Of The Mess

The only way out that seems to appear for India in order to get rid of the Chinese wrath is to accept the Chinese demands and reverting back to the already declared resolutions and abiding by them. China is extremely uncomfortable with the Indian army because of its adventurous endeavors at the Chinese border. India has always been foolish enough to mess and play with its enemies despite knowing the potential consequences. Now, in order to avoid a full scale war, India must meet the Chinese demand of restoring Kashmir’s disputed status and relieving it of the curfew.

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It is about time India as a country resorts to some sense and throws of the filthy politicians who control and enjoy violence.

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