Sunni Shia Marriage

I’m Sunni, He’s Shia, Our Son Is A Sushi – Says Instagram Blogger


In Pakistan, marriage is a lot more than just two people marrying each other with their consent. Rather ancient stereotypes and absurd traditions have ruthlessly destroyed the sparkle of this beautiful event. And when it comes to religious matters, things get very extreme. Whenever a case pops up where sunni and shia are involved on parallel ends, it is highly unlikely that something conclusive will come out except for rejection from both ends. However, today this is not the case, because an Instagram blogger proudly tells the world that she is sunni while her husband is shia, which makes their son a sushi. This is one of those rare examples where sunni shia marriage does not seem absolutely weird.

Sehrish Ali Khan – Mujtaba Ali

Sehrish Ali Khan takes great pride in telling that she dared to break stereotypes and went after her heart. According to her, she is extremely satisfied with her life. She shared an IGTV video on Instagram in which she partnered up with her husband to shed light on how their marriage took place. She answered many questions about concerned religious status of her husband and what social hurdles they had to face in order to be together.

She referred to a commonly wrong comparison of her husband being Chinese or Korean and explained the fact that he actually belonged to the Hazara Shia community of Pakistan, who she thought is being aggressively ridiculed and targeted by extremists. Both have a cute baby son together and she likes to call him a sushi she eat can everyday.

She answered some major questions and also raised some in return. She questioned the very basics of the entire concept of sectarianism. We have listed down below her answers as well as the questions she asked from the world.

1. How did parents agree?

According to Sehrish, convincing each other’s parents was one of the easiest parts of the entire process. They are lucky enough to have very supportive parents who she said understood very well the fact that they liked each other and were good for each other in the long term. Their parents did not show any serious concern and allowed them to be each other’s life partners.

Sunni Shia Marriage
source: Instagram @sehrishak

This story comes extraordinary with the very first question. Because in Pakistan it is very rare to find societal norms not pressurizing parents.

2.  Are you religiously capable enough to ask?

Islam does not allow one to judge a person whatever the case maybe. It does not matter if you are a religious cleric or a common man living your life. A third person does not own the right to question the personal understanding and terms of two people who they find themselves comfortable around each other. Sehrish said that being of two different sects does not mean a marriage cannot be successful. The world has seen enough uni-sect marriages failing violently.


Sunni Shia Marriage
source: Instagram @sehrishak

One should worry about oneself before pointing fingers at others.

3. When will we start using common sense?

Sehrish made a point in her statements. We as a society have lost the very basic sense, the common sense. Why would we choose to enter a rather abusive and blatant relationship with a pity human being just because the sects match? While throwing shade on a person with a different sect who can genuinely make us happy and care about us? Is happiness of a human being so worthless? If the society has come down to compromise the very basic right of happiness over a self-devised system of sectarianism, we need to rethink our lives. The concept of “Sunni Shia Marriage” should be normalized, according to Sehrish, if it comes with the cost of someone’s happiness.

Sunni Shia Marriage
source: Instagram @sehrishak

This world and especially our country has seen a lot of hate and violence just because of sectarianism and shia-sunni riots. Thousands of homes and people have been shattered as consequent losses. It is about time that we understand the true nature of Islam and strive to become better human beings and better Muslims. Rather than better shias or better sunnis.

An important point that must not be forgotten is the fact that sects started to develop only after our Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) worldly demise . Sectarianism has no solid foundation and lies on the weak but arrogant grounds of hate and extremism. Islam is one religion, as given by Allah and explained by the last prophet (PBUH). Muslims should be one too.

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