IIUI has turned into a chaos- Multiple Clashes between student unions, 1 reported dead


IIU Islamabad: Clashes between two student groups (JTI and Siraiki Student Council) broke out at Mega Educational Expo organised by Islami Jamiat Talaba IIUI. The unfortunate event ended up killing Tufail ur Rehman on the spot while 9 are reported to be injured. The university will remain closed tomorrow, 13th December 2019. 

The students from Siraiki Student Council opened gunfire when Mr. Liaqat Baloch (VP JIP) was delivering his keynote address. A frightening detail about the event is that the police was informed at 9 pm when the chaos began, but it arrived at 10:30 pm when the Police lines is only 600 meters away from the university. The angry students of Jamiat Talba Islam are calling it a pre-planned attack. The leader of Jamiat Islami, Siraj ul Haq has advised the student group to remain patient and let the matter be investigated. 

The injured students are admitted at PIMS hospital and some volunteers are working to arrange blood and other supplies for them. The eyewitnesses of the event are still strongly condemning the event and the non-seriousness of the police.

In the aftermath of the shooting, it is being reported that the Jamiat students have kidnapped two of the students from PSO (Pakhtoonkhwa Student Organisation) and the clashes between student bodies are getting violent every minute while there is no intervention from police and administration.

The university is currently a state of chaos right now with horrified students locked up in their rooms to save their lives.


People are still recovering from the shock of the attack on the PIC the other day and now are in utter shock due to IIUI riots. Hate in the society is increasing manifold and lawlessness has become the new normal. Immediate action is needed by the Police and Rangers to control the situation before any other loses.


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