IHC Has Pushed To Bring PayPal And Amazon In Pakistan

IHC Has Pushed To Bring PayPal And Amazon In Pakistan


News Today: IHC Has Pushed To Bring PayPal And Amazon In Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan and his cabinet members have always emphasized the importance of generating revenue from foreign countries and bringing it to Pakistan. However, the government has always lacked the ability to take practical actions to bring into reality the beautiful concepts it presents. Pakistani leaders have always neglected the impact of e-commerce on the economy of our country. E-commerce has become one of the dangerously fast expanding industries of the world because of the feasibility it provides to the customers as well as the sellers. Instead of having to choose from a limited array of products in a shopping center, a person can now scan through millions of products from countries all around the world and buy whatever pleases one’s taste.

But unfortunately, and quite typically, Pakistan has managed to throw itself in the back gear in E-commerce. Many people are not even aware of the sheer scope of this expansive industry. The major reason being the fact that Pakistani governments have failed to impart adequate knowledge to the lay man. Also, because of bogus policies and decades old monetary security systems, e-commerce mega-giants like Amazon and PayPal do not trust Pakistan enough to establish their services in the country. A citizen, namely Junaid Hafeez, recently filed a petition against the government for not enabling e-commerce industry in the country.

Action By Islamabad High Court

Islamabad High Court has addressed this petition seriously and given federal a time frame of two weeks to submit answers to why the government has never even tried to bring international e-commerce to Pakistan. IHC has pushed to bring PayPal and Amazon in Pakistan because the presence of these two giants in a country ensure liquification and development in e-commerce. PayPal is the most famous and the easiest to use money transfer platform, supported by almost all international stores. PayPal eliminated Pakistan from its list of countries because of malicious activities and fraud. Also, Amazon, owned by the richest man on planet Earth, Jeff Bezos, does not trust Pakistan because of its outdated and technologically lacking policies.

IHC Has Pushed To Bring PayPal And Amazon In Pakistan

Just recently, an advancement was recorded in Pakistan’s relations with Amazon, as Amazon allowed 38 retailers to get registered to Amazon. However, this does not mean that the retailers will start to work with Amazon right away. Even this little advancement has become possible because of the efforts of private entrepreneurs and e-commerce enthusiasts.

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Future Of E-Commerce In Pakistan

The e-commerce industry has bloomed recently to a whopping $4 trillion worth of industry. Getting a piece of such a loaf will definitely bring employment and revenue in Pakistan. Every passing second, 2 sellers get registered with Amazon and that counts up to 3,091 sellers everyday and 537,000 sellers so far just this year. Pakistan definitely has the production capacity and talent to grow this industry if given the chance. If these international markets are brought into Pakistan, sellers in Pakistan will have a customer traffic of billions to cater.

But all that is entirely dependent on the fact whether the government is even interested in promoting such low-risk high profit making business models. Pakistan cannot achieve anything even with a youth with potential if not given the correct platform.

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