Ibsham Zahid - The Man We All Want Behind Bars NOW!

Ibsham Zahid – The Man We All Want Behind Bars NOW!


Currently Reading: Ibsham Zahid – The Man We All Want Behind Bars NOW!

Just when the entire country was bamboozled and devastated by yet another heart-wrenching act of misogyny in which a mother was raped on Motorway, a brave young girl named Fatima Aamir Shaikh from Lahore has stepped ahead and shared her horrifying experiences with a person not worthy of being called a man, or a human.

This filth of a person is known as Ibsham Zahid whose only privilege is that he was born in a rich family with connections. Fatima has revealed disturbing rape threats, death threats and much more. Ibsham Zahid has traumatized her entire family and even the family friends for years. This torture will no longer be tolerated. Ibsham Zahid is the man we all want behind bars immediately.

Ibsham Zahid - The Man We All Want Behind Bars NOW!

Fatima Aamir took the situation to court about three years back. But when our ineffective justice system failed to spoon out justice to the victim, she decided to employ social media as her last resort and quite literally, her last hope.

This so called “Balochi” has been thoroughly exposed inside out, along with his equally reprehensible family, who has supported him all along and belittled and intimidated Fatima and her family.

Fatima eventually took it to Instagram.

The Aftermath

Fatima Aamir has received tonnes of support by the netizens for undertaking such a daring endeavor and revealing a rascal to the entire country. Fatima’s hashtag #IbshamBehindTheBars went viral and became the top trending on Twitter today.

Ibsham Zahid - The Man We All Want Behind Bars NOW!

Famous celebrity Feroze Khan also took notice of the incident and condemned it. He also bucked up the social movement and posted stories and made accounts in favor of Fatima. He requested the higher authorities to take immediate action as Fatima’s life was in danger.

Ibsham Zahid - The Man We All Want Behind Bars NOW!

News channels have also started to recognize the grim nature of the situation and ARY News, presented this news in Badami’s hosting.

Where Is Ibsham Zahid?

Turns out Ibsham is not the Balochi he claimed he was as he is trying to flee away from Pakistan to Dubai, as per voice notes provided by his close friends. He plans to leave the country from the earliest available flight.

The fact that these privileged scumbags can skip the consequences of their actions and fool the justice system so easily, just because of some surplus cash, is quite haunting.

Ibsham Zahid - The Man We All Want Behind Bars NOW!

People have been using the hashtag #blockibshamspassport in an attempt to draw the relevant authorities attention towards confiscating his passport so that he cannot leave the country. If he manages to leave the country, Fatima’s future might be uncertain and quite possibly be full of dangers. After all, he is a psychopath.

If you want to see all the details attached to this story, go ahead and follow @fatimaaamirsh on Instagram

and show her the support she deserves.

Let us know about your thoughts in the comments and share this as much as you can. May justice prevail.


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