Ibsham Zahid Is Finally Behind The Bars With His Father

Ibsham Zahid Is Finally Behind The Bars With His Father


Currently Reading: Ibsham Zahid Is Finally Behind The Bars With His Father 

You must be living under a rock if you have not yet heard about the notorious Ibsham Zahid. This filthy guy who takes pride in him being a Baloch is a potential rapist and a threat to the society. Exposed thoroughly by one of his brave victims, who he had been cyber-bullying for the last four daunting years, he has finally been arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Ibsham used to threaten her with rape and death threats and even tried to kidnap her once along with his friends. To our delight, Ibsham Zahid is finally behind the bars with his father.


How he was arrested?

Getting a hold of this person did not prove easy for the law enforcement agencies. Despite unnerving media attention and social media campaign, the law enforcement agencies did not quite manage to arrest this guy within a day as promised.

Ibsham’s sister also jumped into the fiasco with the audacity to mention ‘their side of the story’, according to which her brother is suffering from a mental illness, of course, no one disagreed. She claimed that her brother Ibsham had been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), anger management issues and was highly emotionally unstable. She also recounted several incidents where Ibsham lost his temper and did stupid things. However, the failure of his father to punish his son for his actions, rather his rationale to encourage his son towards jail time was not mentioned by his sister.

Ibsham Zahid Is Finally Behind The Bars With His Father

His father was equally involved in the crime because he threatened the victim’s family to remain silent, hence he has also been arrested and we hope justice is served to this father-son duo.

Power Of Social Media

The victim and her family had filed an FIR against Ibsham since the last 4 years but no action had been taken. Considering social media as her last resort, she shared her horrifying stories, videos of the criminal and messages full of foul language.

The social media campaign gained momentum and celebrities like Feroze Khan and Raza Samo also acknowledged the issue and raised awareness on their platforms. #ibshambehindthebars was the number 1 trending on Twitter for an entire day. This public uproar forced the authorities to speed up their process and within two days, Ibsham was arrested on non-bailable offences under section 502-B.

Let’s pray he his served the justice he deserves.

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