I cook Salan, He makes the Rotis [Our Happy Everafter]



“Hey, it’s love, it’s supposed to hurt!” they said.

“Give it your all, your prince charming is waiting for you in his Royal Chambers

“Invest in your body and not your career, NO ONE cares about that. So, you know how to make a gol roti, right?”

All these stereotypes affect our daily lives and slowly become a part of us, without us realizing.

Here is my story

Living abroad isn’t as pleasant as it sounds but you gain a lot of perspective, not only about life, but also about the people you encounter. I won’t be too specific about the timeline but when I met him, we were mere friends. Teasing each other, hanging around campus lost in our own world KNOWING that the unspoken emotions we have might never see the daylight.

Why? Let’s refer to the first line of my article… LOVE HURTS, though I disagree it still scares me. With all the struggles of expectations surrounding us, love can be difficult but not necessarily painful. I am still learning that.

One day we finally expressed our feelings towards each other and at that time we were communicating through the internet as I was back at home. Finally, we met, we laughed, we shared beautiful memories together till the time came when we had to cook. I told him that I can make the salan but he has to make the roti because I just couldn’t get it right. Although quite frankly, I didn’t want to do it I just wanted to see his reaction. Obviously, he didn’t know how to make it either but the best part is that he LEARNED.

He learned for me because I never wanted to make roti. I felt like I broke one stereotype. There were times when I was reluctant and lazy to cook and he would do everything on his own. I was proud and hopeful; hopeful that maybe these basic and useless gender affiliated roles we have in our society are breaking their chains.

He still says he will make roti for me, I always smile on that. Love is not pain, having a relationship where you can divide the workload not only creates less burden on one individual but it also strengthens the bond between them.

He promised to make roti even after we get married. Ladies, that’s your prince charming!

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