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“I Am A Cricketer, Not A Gora” – Babar Azam Fights Back Against Criticism


Babar Azam – Pakistan’s freshly appointed ODI Captain, didn’t hold back and mince any words in a response to former cricketer, Tanvir Ahmed, who had recently suggested that Azam needs to focus on improving his ‘English’.

Unlike other countries where the national language is promoted, it seems that Pakistan is still stuck on using the English language as a measure of intelligence. People associate speaking Urdu with being uneducated and ‘Jahil’. Pakistani cricketers, including former skipper Sarfraz Ahmad and Umar Akmal, are no strangers to being trolled for their weak handle on the English language, whether it be on social media or in the post-match conferences and other displays.

Former Cricketer Tanvir Ahmed’s Remarks

Continuing this trend, albeit in a somewhat non-hostile manner, former test cricketer – Tanvir Ahmed – recently told Babar Azam to improve his ‘English’. He said that as captain of the team, Babar Azam must improve his English as well as his overall personality. Tanvir stated via Youtube;

“Try to improve your personality. By personality, I mean a person can change his dressing sense. Babar Azam also needs to improve his English, which is necessary. Whenever someone becomes a captain, he has to talk during the toss and post-match presentation. Plus, he will also give interviews on various channels when he tours different countries.”

Here’s what he said;

Babar Azam’s Response

Babar Azam gave a great response to the former cricketer’s comments. He said that he is a cricketer and his job is to play well, not be a ‘Gora’, Babar stated;

“I’m a cricketer, my job is to play cricket. I am not a ‘Gora,’ who knows English completely. Yes, I am working on it, but you learn these things over a period of time, you can’t just suddenly learn it.”

He also talked about his comparison with Virat Kohli;

“I think it’s better if you are not comparing. I have said that he (Kohli) is a different kind of  player, and I am a different player.”

The ODI captain additionally shared his thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic situation. He concluded;

“We know better than other teams how it feels to play without a crowd having played most of our cricket in Dubai in last 10 years. It’s not a great feeling for the fans and it’s also not great for us.”

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