Hyundai Is Launching Elantra In Pakistan Soon [Details]

Hyundai Is Launching Elantra In Pakistan Soon [Details]


Currently Reading: Hyundai Is Launching Elantra In Pakistan Soon [Details]

Hyundai has recently become the newest competitor in Pakistan’s automotive industry. The company is already scrambling to establish its presence in the local car market in order to keep up with the Automotive Development Policy 2016-21. ADP 2016-21 will be expiring in June 2021, hence Hyundai Nishat has shared its plans to put up for sale Hyundai Elantra, one of their compact sedans soon.

Hyundai’s Elantra variant of a compact sedan poses tough competition to the Mazda 3, Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla in the international market. According to some leaked reports, the company has already manufactured a decent number of Elantra units to push out as soon as possible. Hyundai is launching Elantra in Pakistan soon; according to estimations, as soon as February 2021.

Sixth Generation Elantra

The Elantra is available in a variety of powertrains all over the world as per each markets’ needs and interests. The most commonly seen powertrain in this car consists of a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder petrol engine that generates 122 hp and gives the consumer 156 N m of torque to play with. It is married to a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission, as per customer demand in the region.

Hyundai Is Launching Elantra In Pakistan Soon [Details]

Hyundai Elantra had a facelift show in which it was exhibited at the PAPS Autoshow in Lahore. Hyundai Nishat earlier this year also revealed that the vehicle will be launched before the end of 2020. However, this ambition could not materialize, owing mostly to the coronavirus pandemic.

Expected Price In Pakistan

In the international market, the Hyundai Elantra costs somwhere between $18,000 and $22,000 for different trims in different regions of the world. This price point translates between Rs. 2.8 million and Rs. 3.5 million for Pakistanis. However, considering that it will be put up against the Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic directly, its starting price is estimated to be around Rs. 4 million as it is still lesser than the earlier mentioned ones and hence can break the long-living duopoly.

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