How Ilyas stopped The Holy Quran from Burning, Norway


Norway: An Anti-Islamic gathering named Stop Islamisation of Norway (SIAN)’ headed by Lars Thorsen attempted to burn the Holy Quran in a crowd when stopped by a Muslim hero Ilyas. Ilyas along Lars and others were arrested on point, but the bravery of the young man is praised by Muslims all over the world.

The local police also issued a clear warning when the anti-Islamic organization announced its intention to do so. The incident happened in the city of Kristiansand.

In a video that is being circled on social media, Ilyas can be seen jumping into the roadblocked circle and attacking the person who was burning the Holy Quran to prevent the sacred book from being desecrated. The rally escalated quickly and turned violent and the police arrested Lars and his attackers.

According to some reports, two other copies of The Holy Quran were throwing in a trash can in the rally before Thorsen burned another one.

Ilyas is now being called “The Muslim Hero” and “The Defender of Quran” on social media for his brave act. However, his exact identity could not be identified till now.

Muslims from all over the world praised Ilyas on Twitter and other social media platforms and warned of the rise of Islamophobia all over the world, especially Europe.

#Ilyas_Hero_of_Muslim_Ummah, #Norway, #Defender_of_Quran, #TheGloriousQuran, and #Norway_Attack_On_Islam started trending on Twitter in Pakistan.

Here’s what people have to say about the incident:

Some people also said that Telenor should be banned because it is a Norwegian company.

The incident was strongly condemned by an important cultural and social organization, The Pakistan Union Norway (PUN).

Chaudhry Qamar Iqbal, chairman of PUN, referred to Lars Thorsen in a statement and said he has hurt the feelings of Muslims by desecrating their sacred book, The Holy Quran. He added that Norway had a good reputation worldwide its people were peaceful and respected other religions.

Iqbal also said that the fact that the blasphemy was carried out in broad daylight, and the police did not take any action to stop him also hurt the people and Muslims of Norway. He condemned the police for taking action only when the man intervened to stop the desecration and helping the person who was burning the sacred book.

The Chairman also urged the Norwegian government to arrest those who incited and hurt the feelings of others through extremism.

Norwegian Muslim leaders announced that they intend to file a hate crime complaint against SIAN for desecrating The Holy Quran and for verbal aggression.

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