Planning to Visit Muree and North this Long Weekend? Read this first


The government announced to open Murree for visitors and tourists after five months of lockdown. This announcement catches the eyes of many. Thousands of tourists head towards their favourite and nearest hill station for spending a good time with friends and family.

Murree is packed with massive tourists from all over the country. Unfortunately, many tourists face many issues like misbehaviour of shopkeepers, overpricing of everything including hotel rooms and food items.

Everything is so overpriced! 

“We reached Murree after 6 hours in Traffic to stay for a while before we go up the Galiyaat. A simple clean room for 2 people costed 1000 PKR which previously was 2000.”

– Rana Salman

That is to say, shopkeepers are trying to earn as much as they can by hook or crook. Murree’s economy relies heavily on tourism during the tourist season, which runs from early January to mid-October and during which footfall ranges from 20,000 to 25,500 tourists monthly.

There was a video that went viral in which shopkeepers are misbehaving with their customers. some of the tourists were gets beaten by the shopkeepers.
Subsequently, the prices of hotel rooms are skyrocketing. The agents behave rudely with the ones who tryna bargain. Moreover, the prices of food items are so overpriced. Thoughts of shopping from mall road are more like an unimaginable thing nowadays.

Certainly, over-charging was a massive problem faced by travelers as the locals charged Rs. 600 to Rs. 800 for three to four hours of parking. Several families recorded their protest against the residents and sought strict action against the looters who, according to them, have the backing of the district administration.
The shopkeepers also robbed tourists with both hands by charging more than double on each item. The families protested that not a single officer was at their office to register complaints.

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner (AC) Zahid Hussain spoke to media and vowed to take action against the looters. He said that the people overcharging parking fees will be arrested. Deputy Commissioner (DC) Rawalpindi Capt ® Anwar-ul-Haq also said that he will take strict actions against the irresponsible officers.

Murree is a popular hill station, noted for its pleasant summer. Many tourists visit the town from the Islamabad-Rawalpindi area. The town also serves as a transit point for tourists visiting Azad Kashmir and Abbottabad.

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