Honda City & Civic Combined Outsold by Toyota Yaris


Now Reading: Honda City & Civic Combined Outsold by Toyota Yaris

The newest addition to Indus Motor Company’s (IMC) lineup of cars – Toyota Yaris – had an underwhelming launch event due to the Coronavirus pandemic, followed by countrywide lockdowns. This brought its car sales to a big halt. However, since August, credited to the economic revival post lockdown, locally assembled vehicles have started to see an incline in their sales once again.

This economic incline has also led to the Toyota Yaris dominating the car market, emerging as the second best selling car in Pakistan at the end of the first financial quarter (July-September 2020), only behind Pak Suzuki Alto. The subcompact sedan, which is the apparent replacement of entry level Toyota Corolla variants, has sold a whopping 6,009 units during Q1,2020.

Because of this fact, Toyota Yaris – in the month of September – outsold BOTH Honda City and Civic combined, with having sold 2,421 units against 2,293 units against the Honda duo. This was revealed in the data released by PAMA (Pakistan Automobiles Manufacturers Association). It is also very interesting to note that Honda, from back since 2014, has not revealed individual sales of both City and Civic and has been the only automaker that presents combined figures of the two cars.


Reason for Toyota Yaris’ Exceptional Sales

All this is very impressive as different variants of Toyota Yaris have seen multiple price revisions within just 7 months, having increased as much as Rs. 190,000. Though, the popularity of the car seems to be pretty much unaffected by this. This popularity might as well be credited to the fact that only other choice in the same segment as Toyota Yaris is Honda City, which despite having reached a price of about Rs 3,000,000, is a 12-years old car now.

Not only is it two generations behind its global model, Honda City also remains one of the most under-equipped vehicles assembled in Pakistan. For instance, it has not a single airbag on offer, even in its priciest flagship i.e. 1.5L Aspire trim.

In comparison, the Toyota Yaris is well equipped and despite the fact that we have received a pre-facelift model even though the rest of the global market has received the Yaris post facelift, it still remains something new and unseen for auto consumers of Pakistan. Moreover, having 2 engines & 2 transmission options along with 6 different variants to choose from effectively makes Yaris cater to a diverse variety of consumers.


How long will the market reign last?

It is unclear whether Yaris is going to maintain its supremacy over its rivals in the coming months, especially since a lot more new options are expected to be introduced soon in the market including the Changan Alsvin and Proton Saga. This is likely to take away some of potential Toyota Yaris buyers away.

Furthermore Honda Atlas is reportedly working to release next generations of its City model in Pakistan as well. While the market having more options is bound to be more fruitful for the auto consumers, it will also be quite challenging for IMC to remain relevant in the presence of these new rivals. Though, it does have the advantage right now because of entering the competition ahead of its rivals.

As mentioned above, Yaris came as a replacement of 1.3L Corolla variants which made up the bulk of Corolla sales. These helped the vehicle remain as the bestselling car for over a decade in Pakistan. Now, these shoes are Toyota Yaris’ to fill and from the looks of it, the car seems to be filling the gap quite well so far.


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