Historic Move By Punjab Police As First Transgender Is Recruited In The Squad

Historic Move By Punjab Police As First Transgender Is Recruited In The Squad


Pakistan has witnessed a historic day in its existence as Punjab Police has reportedly recruited a transgender woman known as Reem Sharif in its squad of women police force. According to reports, Reem Sharif is a well-known transgender rights activist in Islamabad who has recently passed all the hurdles and conquered the eligibility criteria for a duty officer in Rawalpindi Police Force. This comes as a great news on humanitarian grounds, because transgenders are one of the most deprived communities in Pakistan when it comes to basic human rights. Reem Sharif has managed to break all the chains and has let herself lose to embrace professional challenges.

Reem Sharif – A Success Story

Inclusion of Reem Sharif in the Rawalpindi Police Force in-spite belonging from the famously classed “third gender” is nothing short of a glorious achievement. According to reports, Reem Sharif has successfully completed the entire training program and has stood her ground to become one of the duty officers in one of the most important institutions of Pakistan. She will be deployed on duty as a 14 grade officer in Rawalpindi Women Police Force very soon.

Reem Sharif was interviewed about her seemingly odd approach towards life and was questioned about the things that led to her divergence from the horrible customs related to her gender. She expressed her sense of achievement and delight and said that she considered herself as an advocate of the oppressed class she belonged to. She said that she had always been true to herself and never underestimated her abilities. She considers her job as a golden opportunity to deal with the muggers and low-lives who have made transgenders feel like an outcast for countless number of years.

Historic Move By Punjab Police As First Transgender Is Recruited In The Squad

Rawalpindi Police has also taken the commendable step of establishing a help desk specifically for the transgender victims for the sake of immediate registration of complaints and consequent remedial actions. This move if practiced as intended can prove to be a great wall of justice in the face of brutality and wilderness against transgenders, which is sadly reported very commonly in our society.

Punitive Lives Of Transgenders

Transgenders are the one most affected by societal discrimination and inhumane customs. Pakistani society has especially been ruthless when it comes to fulfilling duties as responsible citizens and taking care of the ones less deprived. A few days ago, a transgender activist Julie Khan gave a heart-breaking interview which produced a picture of an extent of atrocities on transgenders in front of us. Read our article on her interview below.

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Pakistanis showed break the blunt stereotypes of taboo customs and should start being kind to one another. Transgenders are the creations of Allah and they are beautiful in their own way. The ones who make an entirely innocent community suffer just because they are different are moral criminals. Treat humans like humans!

Historic Move By Punjab Police As First Transgender Is Recruited In The Squad


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