Hina Altaf and Agha Ali-whats cooking?


Both of the actors are often seen together these days and have been associated with some savoury and some not-so-savoury news. After seeing them together, fans speculate whether they are just friends or are in a relationship. Let us try to get to the bottom of this.

The duo is currently working on a drama airing on GEO TV called Dil-e-Gumshuda. Agha Ali is playing the character of Danial and Hina Altaf: Zara. By the looks of it, both actors are stoked to be working together especially Agha Ali who can barely hide his enthusiasm. His Instagram speaks it all.

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Such a Fab Co Actor ✨ #AaghaAli #HinaAltaf #Bts

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Hina is a frequent in his Instagram stories.

Recently Agha gave Hina a birthday surprise, which in her own words is the best surprise of her life. It honestly was perfect with pink balloons, cake, bouquets, and well thought out cute gifts. Seeing her unwrap her gifts with a child-like smile was heart-melting.

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Let’s all wish @hinaaltaf a HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎈

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Coming to the not-so-savoury part, both are being sued by Nosheen Agha on allegation of ghosting her after receiving advance payment for her project ‘ Dil e Sarkash”. Nosheen says that the lead actors along with members of the production while shooting was in progress. They all did so without informing her. She says that not only they ran away with her money but refused to return it. But Hina and Agha tell a different story. Agha told, Hashtag Magazine that “No one has left the shooting spell. There were at least more than 40 people on the set including the actors, DOPS, technical staff and other crew members who were not paid on time. Everyone gave her a favour and we all kept working till the situation worsened,”

While Hina denied everything saying “Nothing of this sort has happened – and I have screenshots of my conversation with her which I can reveal to media when needed.”

No one knows the whole story yet. At the moment we can just speculate. Nevertheless, one thing is certain that the actors look cute together and we hope we get to see more of them together, both on-screen and off-screen.

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