Highcourt Orders to Shift All Islamabad Zoo Animals To Sanctuaries

Highcourt Orders to Shift All Islamabad Zoo Animals To Sanctuaries


After years of work finally a huge day for all Animal lovers, Islamabad highcourt has given an unprecedented verdict.  Although the Wildlife Ordinance of 1979 came into force on December 19, 1979, it was not made operative till this Court, in 2014, directed the Federal Government to constitute the Board.

Kaavan Elephant ordered to be released and relocated to a sanctuary after suffering pain and distress for 36 years. All animals directed to be shifted to sanctuaries

Here are few points from the judgement:

1. Kagan will be sent to a sanctuary, in Pakistan or outside maybe in Srilanka.

2. Brown bears will be sent to Bear sanctuary.

3. All animals are to be relocated from Islamabad zoo

4. A wildlife board will decide the fate of all stray dogs in Islamabad.

The relevant portion of the judgment is reproduced as follows.-

“Though not homosapiens, they are also beings entitled to dignified existences and humane treatment sans cruelty and torture. inmany respects, they comport better than humans, they kill to eat and eat to live and not live to eat as some of us do, they do not practice deception, fraud, or falsehood and malpractices as humans do, they care for their little ones expecting nothing in return, they do not proliferate as we do depleting the already scarce resources of the earth, for they practice sex restraint by seasonal mating, nor do they inhale the lethal smoke of tobacco poisoning the atmosphere and inflicting harm on fellow beings. all animals except the very lowest exhibit some degree of intelligent behaviour, ranging from learned responses to complex reasoning. many believe that the lives of humans and animals are equally valuable and that their interests should count equally. Their contribution to the health of human is invaluable once it is remembered that nearly every advance in health care and combating human diseases has been based on animal research. Animals also provide models for the study of human diseases. New drugs are tested on animals to help determine their potential for causing cancer or other diseases or for harming embryos and fetuses in the womb. Therefore, it is not only our fundamental duty to show compassion to our animal friends, but also to recognize and protect their rights.”


“It has been reported that the
visitors tease the caged animals by throwing articles,
pelting stones, poking at them or disturbing them
with loud noise. This heckling and teasing of the
caged animals further exacerbates their pain and

The judgement also contained Islamic reference:

“transgress not in the balance, and weigh with
justice, and skimp not in the balance. . .earth,

He set it down for all beings.”Surrah Ar-
Rahman 55:8-10.

You can read the whole judgement here : Judgement Document. Please let us know in the comment section  what do you think of this decision by the Islamabad HighCourt.


5 Replies to “Highcourt Orders to Shift All Islamabad Zoo Animals To Sanctuaries”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful news, many thanks to Pakistan for releasing the wildlife to a sanctuary, we are all grateful for making it right for the animals.

  2. I lived for five years in Islamabad and whilst this is wonderful news – unless great care is taken, these animals can end up in even more danger. Who is overseeing where these animals are going?

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