Has PTA banned Hareem Shah and Sundal Khattak from Tik Tok?


The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has requested the Tik Tok authorities to defuse the inappropriate videos of Hareem Shah and Sundal Khattak.

Both girls got fame from their Tik Tok videos with politicians and eminent personalities.

They recently steal the spotlight, when both girls released the song ‘Nakhray Baz’ in which Hareem was seen in the video lending her vocals and striking up poses alongside Sandal Khattak and rapper Aash Chughtai. 

Hareem and Sundal were also famous for objectionable videos with political personalities. Recently, Hareem shares the video on Twitter of her ‘Live Call’ with Sheikh Rasheed, the current Railway Minister of Pakistan.

Hareem also claimed that Sheikh Rasheed has an affair with her friend Sundal Khattak but Railway Minister has clearly denied this allegation and Hareem deleted the video in response to Sheikh Rasheed’s fierce reaction or FIA’s fear.

Later on, Hareem’s drop herself in another awkward scandal of leaking call recordings with Fayyaz ul Hassan, Punjab Information Minister of Pakistan. Both girls also claim that they have a good amount of data on recordings and videos of many politicians and celebrities of Pakistan.

While talking to media, PTA spokesperson said that they write to Tik Tok to remove their controversial videos after receiving so many complaints against both girls. He further added that 

“Authority has only requested the video-sharing app to ‘defuse’ the inappropriate videos and not to suspend or delete their accounts”

The spokesperson admired the team of Tik Tok for cooperating with them each time and mentioned that Tik Tik administration already removed 90% of controversial material shared by two of them.

Even Sandal Khattak moved a session’s court seeking a restraint order on the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Hareem’s father made a video some time ago, in which he was showing his concerns about his daughter’s safety and asked for forgiveness from Allah Almighty. He further stated that his daughter was Alma of the Holy Quran before she joined this route of fame.


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