WATCH: Hareem Shah’s father apologises for her controversial photos and videos


Zarar Hussain, father of TikTok sensation Hareem Shah recently sent a video message expressing his reaction to his daughter’s controversies. He broke into tears as he apologised to those who were offended and embarrassed due to his daughter’s controversial videos involving high-profile personalities.

In a 12-minute long video clip, he first introduced himself and then told that Hareem Shah is his daughter and that her real name is Fiza Hussain. However, her real name was also leaked earlier when her CNIC and passport details were leaked, which included her real name.

“I don’t have words to apologise to my friends, family, and respectable people for my daughter’s controversial videos,” he said while expressing regrets and asking for forgiveness from those who were in any way affected by her controversial videos and her conversations with several politicians.

“May Allah accept my sacrifice and forgive my mistakes.”

He said while talking about his mistakes, “I think whatever is happening to me and my family is a result of how I once wronged my father and hurt his feelings. I do not care about my own self but my ancestors’ reputation is on the line.”

With tears in his eyes, he told that he also sent his daughter to a prestigious Islamic education college for religious education, but still, she disappointed him.

“I sent her to the standard religious institute where she completed her education with good marks and became Aalma… I did everything I could do as a father, but she disappointed me.”

He further said that he was very concerned about the national security of the country, and claimed that the videotapes have endangered the integrity of the country.

He ended his message by saying, “I am hopeful that she gets guidance from Allah SWT and mends her ways. I want everyone to pray that I am successful in getting her back on the right path. I pray to Allah for guidance so that my daughter returns to being Fiza Hussain instead of Hareem Shah.”

Watch the entire video here:

ٹک ٹاک سٹار حریم شاہ(فضاء حسین )کے والد ضرار حسین شاہ کے دکھ بھرا گفتگو ملاحظہ فرمائیں

Posted by Azhar ul Haq Wahid on Thursday, January 2, 2020

Hareem aroused the anger of Internet users in the past when her videos from inside the Foreign Office went viral on social media.

Last month, her live chat video with Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed appeared online in which she can be heard talking to him and saying, “Listen to me, have I ever revealed anything of yours until now? Then why don’t you talk to me anymore?”

After that, her controversial pictures and videos with Record Bhola were leaked online and went viral on social media.




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