Hareem Shah wishes to play the role of Halime with PM Imran Khan as Ertugrul


From the day Ertugrul has been on-air in Pakistan everyone seems super excited. Many of the netizens are busy in striking resemblance of Ertugrul with Hamza Ali Abbasi and PM Imran Khan.

Many celebrities of Pakistan are sharing their views about this record-breaking series. Hareem Shah also shares her wish to say

“She wanna play the role of ‘Halime Sultan’ against PM Imran Khan.”

Woah! What jaw-dropping news!

Don’t get panic! surely PM will refuse this murderous offer of her. By looking at her previous records, we know she has all the guts to steal the spotlight again and again.

Recently in an interview, Hareem praised the Turkish drama. Besides drama, she showcases her likeness towards the national crush of Pakistan ‘Ertugrul’.

Hareem told the reporter that she likes the way this drama has been directed. Further, while watching drama she feels the vibes of that golden time in which that drama has been shoot.

When the reporter asked about what role she wanna play in the series if its remake in Pakistan. Hareem said she wanna play the role of ‘Halime Sultan’ but Imran Khan should play the role of ‘Ertugrul’.

A few months back, hareem announced that she left all the wrongdoing and join the righteous path. After this, she makes TikTok videos on Naats and tries to look more religious by dressing moderately.


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Hareem Shah and her friend Sandal Khattak were in the news since they steal Mubashir Luqman’s belongings. After that, both girls decide to take no turn back and keep doing things to grab a place in the news.

Both girls blackmailed and leaked their private discussions and videos with the eminent personalities of PTI. Later on, they went to Dubai and faced severe criticism there.

Even Hareem’s father asked for forgiveness from her behalf and prayed for her daughter’s safety.

But the question arises here “Do we really want a remake of ‘Ertugrul’ casting Hareem as ‘Halime’?”

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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