Hareem Shah just dropped the mic and everyone is shocked


Tik Tok star Hareem Shah has been trending on twitter and other social media platforms time to time for the past few months. She is famous pertaining her relationship with politicians and eminent personalities of Pakistan, but just today she crosses that limit too.

Hareem Shah has released her very own song ‘Nakhray Baz’ with her original name Fizza Hussain and shared the video song on Twitter. She was seen in the video lending her vocals and striking up poses alongside Sandal Khattak and rapper Aash Chughtai. 


Hareem has already seen in headlines due to her indecent scandals and now it looks like she has found another way to steal the spotlight once again.

Controversies surrounding Hareem Shah and her friend Sundal Khattak starts when they spotted in Pakistan’s Foreign Office making Tik Tok videos.

After that these girls accused the Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed of being inappropriate with them over video call and leak the video of Sheikh Rasheed ‘Live Call’ on Twitter.

In addition to Sheikh Rasheed, both girls have been involved in various scandals with many politicians. Moreover, they both get deported from Dubai due to pornographic activity.

Recently Hareem’s selfie with Mufti Qavi went viral on the internet and people have started comparing her with Qandeel Baloch because he was nominated in the murder case of Qandeel Baloch.

Her fans are appreciating her voice in song and keep supporting her on different social media forums.

Some people out there start calling her the descendant of Tahir Shah and sharing memes about her.

Whenever you hear ‘jinay mera dil lutiya’ you are compelled to say oye hoye. Now after Hareem Shah’s ‘Nakhray Baaz’ will have you saying ‘oh yeah’



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