Hareem Shah is spotted again this time with Mufti Qavi


Social media star and famous Selfie Queen Hareem Shah has come up with another selfie with Mufti Qavi.

Mufti Qavi got his notorious fame for his selfie with Qandeel Baloch in 2016 and now he again comes up with a new year surprise for Pakistani awam.

According to a statement he has given to media he said that “I and Hareem were met in the Islamabad market and Hareem requested me to take a selfie with her” and he further added:

“This selfie was taken on 7th of December before the scandal of Sheikh Rasheed goes viral.”

Moreover, he stated that “When the Sheikh Rasheed scandal goes viral he sent a secret message to Hareem that she is a good and talented girl she should stop doing this and in return, she exposes her picture with him.

Recently both Hareem Shah and her Sundal have been deported from Dubai due to their illegal activities with Sheikhs and other well-known personalities of Dubai.

Hareem Shah and Sundal Khattak deported from Dubai, UAE


Both the girls have both been a target of controversy for the past few weeks due to their videos and photos being leaked outline.

People out there are comparing Qandeel Baloch and Hareem shah on social media.

Both Hareem and Qandeel became social media stars and used fake profiles hiding their real names. Recently fans of Hareem got to know her real name is Fizza Hussain and her real ID card picture is still circulating on social media.

Like Qandeel, Hareem was married at an early age and both of them used to hide their marital status. 

Reportedly, Qandeel Baloch belonged to a conservative middle-class family as well as Hareem belongs to a religious family. ,

The end of Qandeel Baloch was tragic his brother alleged that his sister stained the family reputation and now the father of Hareem Shah also expressed sorrow over Hareem Shah being a source of worries for the family and show concerns about her safety and security.

Social media is the most effective platform for young talent in Pakistan but for female stars being bold is not without risk. Hareem is putting herself in a clear danger if she didn’t stop herself from putting in controversies and scandals. 

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