Hania Aamir Confirmed Asim Azhar Is "Just A Friend"

Hania Aamir Confirmed Asim Azhar Is “Just A Friend”


Currently Reading: Hania Aamir Confirmed Asim Azhar Is “Just A Friend”

Hania Aamir recently sent the entire social media in a frenzy after she revealed in a live stream interview with her best friend Aima Baig that she is not in fact dating Asim Azhar. Hania Aamir confirmed Asim Azhar is “just a friend”. People of Pakistan have long speculated the two to be a lot more than just friends. Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar have been seen together for so long and both are so comfortable around each other that people are finding it hard to believe Hania’s statement. Even Aima Baig herself was shocked and immediately stated that even she could not guess the two are not love birds. The live stream video is right here.

We’re Not  A Couple

… that is what she said. When inquired if she is still with Asim Azhar at the moment or not, she unhesitatingly said: “We’re friends, we’re not together, we’re not dating, we’re not a couple. But we are best friends.” “Ye to mujhe bhi nae pata tha” by Aima Baig is the representation of emotions of entire Pakistan. The way these two have been enjoying each other’s presence at every event, concert and show tells a different story, still.

Hania Aamir Confirmed Asim Azhar Is "Just A Friend"

Hania Aamir went on to elaborate that she was not making anything up and that Asim is her best friend. Both of them try to be there for each other in times of need in every aspect of life. Asim Azhar has been helping Hania Aamir with a lot of her projects and even Hania Aamir helps Asim grow and explore new areas in his craft. Hania said that she’s in fact working with Asim for one of his new projects. Not to forget, Hania also made a guest appearance in Asim’s new song with Areeka Haq, “Tum Tum”.

Twitter Is A Meme Pool

Hania Aamir is seemingly unaware of her impact on Pakistani twitter feeds. A country always preying for new meme material has come across a golden opportunity.

Katt gya?

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