Hamza ali abbasi and naimal khawar pictures

Hamza Ali Abbasi to tie knot with Naimal Khawar on August 25


This is a surprise! Actor/Director Hamza Ali Abbasi is confirmed to tie knot with Naimal Khawar who got her fame as ‘Izza’ in Hum Tv drama serial ‘Ana’. The news broke out as the wedding invitation of the two actors started circulating on social media.

hamza ali abbasi wife

The two actors were not seen much together on screen and on social media as a common norm these days which led to a shock for the fans. However, express tribune and many other news blogs sources confirmed the rumor to be true.

Hamza ali abbasi wedding

Fans are calling it a good news and cheering for #HamzaNaimalkishaadi while others are still calling friends over the authenticity of the news.

hamza ali abbasi marriage

Now she has a very good point!

hamza ali abbasi marriage
hamza ki shadi

While the date approaches and the actors give a statement on this, let’s sit back have some snacks and see how it turns out. In the end, Many Congratulations to the power couple.

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