Hajj Will Most Likely Be Cancelled This Year

Hajj Will Most Likely Be Cancelled This Year


Reading Now: Hajj Will Most Likely Be Cancelled This Year

The onset of this novel pandemic has very well changed the entire demographic of the world. People around the world are working from their homes and the less fortunate are struggling to make both ends meet. Festivities and global sporting events like Olympics have been postponed because of the horrendous potential consequences of this pandemic. To much astonishment and heart-break of billions of Muslims around the world, according to Saudi Arabia, Hajj will most likely be cancelled this year as to prevent mass gathering and reinforcement in local transmission of the virus.

Saudi Arabia’s Stance On The Problem

The pandemic situation in the land of Saudi Arabia is no more different than other countries in the world. The number of confirmed positive patients has exceeded the 100,000 mark, which has baffled the Saudi government as they try to dish out new strategies to get a hold of the situation.

As of now, the Saudi government has completely banned the performance of prayers in the “Khaana Ka’aba” in mass gatherings. Only a small amount of people are allowed to hold prayers in order to maintain the sanctity of the mosque. These people are often the site janitors, volunteer workers and staff. This has led to the creation of a site never seen before by the modern generations. A near empty mosque.

Hajj Will Most Likely Be Cancelled This Year

Hajj calls for one of the greatest gathering of human beings on the entire planet. Hundreds of millions of pilgrims reach the “Khaana Ka’aba” in order perform the fifth pillar of their religion. Saudi Arabia has been carefully and critically studying the endeavor of conducting Hajj this year, but not much has been sorted out.

Saudi Potential Plans

The Saudi government has presented some certain operating procedures in order to conduct what they are calling “Limited Hajj”. According to this plan, the number of pilgrims from each country will be cut short drastically. For example, compared to the original quota of Pakistani pilgrims, only 20% of Pakistanis will be allowed to perform Hajj.

Saudi Arabia is dishing out these solutions despite the danger of worsening the local transmission because Hajj is one of the most major economic activities for that country. In the latest statistics, it has been reported that Saudi Arabia generated more than $12 billion as a direct benefit from Hajj pilgrims.

Hajj Will Most Likely Be Cancelled This Year

However, government healthcare sectors are demoralizing the concept of conducting Hajj this year because the potential adversity that such a humongous gathering can formulate is out of human bounds of imagination and that would only result in further deterioration in socioeconomics of the country.

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