Government To Launch ‘Brand Pakistan’ Project To Boost Tourism


Now Reading: Government To Launch ‘Brand Pakistan’ Project To Boost Tourism

Zulfi Bukhari – the special assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan on the Overseas Pakistanis and Chairman National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB) – has recently announced that a project called “Brand Pakistan” would get launched this year to help tourism in Pakistan and to take it to new levels and heights.

While addressing a press conference, Zulfi Bukari stated that the National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCL) has formulated a detailed and comprehensive policy on tourism for a ten year period i.e. 2020 to 2030 along with a five year ‘action plan’ for said sector. He also added that like other countries, Pakistan had planned to launch a tourism plan earlier this year but could not due to the circumstances involving the coronavirus. When implemented, this plan would make it so tourists from all around the world would be able to avail facilities like e-visa. NTCB will soon launch a national e-portal that will contain all of booking details regarding motels and such.

Prime Minister’s Aid On Overseas Pakistanis and Chairman National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB)

PTDC Reforms Under Effect Right Now

Clarifying on the situation of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corp (PTDC), Zulfi Bukhari said that PTDC is not closed and is actually being reformed. He revealed that 360 of PTDC’s employees have been terminated for this cause. The PM’s aide mentioned that albeit being a tough decision, this was necessary for the betterment and reformation of the corporation.

Sharing the statistics, he also added that PTDC had lost a whopping 700 million rupees in recent years and that the people of Pakistan will witness the results of these reforms in the next two years. Furthermore, in accordance with the program, 46 new three and four star hotels will get opened in the coming years.

President of the World Tourism Forum Institute (WTFI), Bulut BAĞCI, also backed this decision of the PTDC restructuring via a twitter post. He expressed that he fully supports the decision and it is in line with any government who is willing to up their game and that this will cause tourism to ‘explode’ in Pakistan.

Pakistan To Host The World Tourism Forum

In the same press conference, Zulfi Bukhari also announced that Pakistan will be hosting the World Tourism Forum in 2021. In said forum, tourism ministers of eight countries will participate and around 3 billion dollars worth of investments are expected. He said that this has come about as a result of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) completing its work related to restructuring the country’s tourism sector.

This is a really great move by the government as investment in tourism would not only serve to further the sector itself but the economy of the country as whole!

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