Government Is Raising Funds For National Space Program

Government Is Raising Funds For National Space Program


News Today: Government Is Raising Funds For National Space Program

Pakistan has long lost its frontier when it comes to advancement in space technology and astrophysics. Most people are illiterate to date not knowing what space science means for humanity. SUPARCO, Pakistan’s space agency has never received adequate funding to actually design and launch a heavy lift vehicle carrying satellites, cargo or other payloads to low other orbit or beyond. Thanks to complete and incessant lack of interest by politicians, Pakistan is now one of the most dependent and technologically lacking country with no means of launching its communication and other satellites from home soil. The present government, however, has intrigued many Pakistani brains including children, students and professionals who have always longed to see Pakistan as a self-reliant country in space technology.

Pakistani government plans to raise $700 million for the National Space Program by reducing the country’s sheer dependence on foreign satellite services and satellite providers. Also, Prime Minister Imran Khan believes that with the help of public contribution, yes, donations once again, and by strictly abiding by the policy guidelines devised by the federal cabinet, Pakistan can launch its first National Space Program in just ten years.

Expensive Foreign Satellite Services

Countries in Asia like India, Bangladesh and China have already followed this path and have limited their reliance on foreign satellite providers because of the sheer expense that is generated this way. These countries slowly cut off their usage foreign suppliers and built their local satellites and launched them into space. These countries are now successfully using local satellites majorly for all their communication and remote sensing purposes at a fraction of the cost.

Government Is Raising Funds For National Space Program

As of now, the frequency band Pakistan employs is about 2200 MHz and only a humble 21% is handled by Pakistani made satellites. The remaining 79% coverage is provided by foreign satellites and Pakistan has been paying anywhere around $35 million to $45 million annually to satellite providers for this purpose. The annual deficit that Pakistan has been bearing because of this inadequacy is anywhere around Rs. 3.5 billion to Rs. 4 billion. By limiting our expense on these satellites, Pakistan can surely save a buck till 2020 to launch its own National Space Program with projects characterized by modernization and payload lifting space vehicles.

Future Of Space Technology In Pakistan

It is safe to say that Pakistan will have to eventually devise its own way of sending and receiving stuff to and from space. The world is advancing so exponentially in this technology, it is hardly comprehensible. Thanks to Elon Musk and his SpaceX, a new generation has been inspired to explore the horizon of space science, space technology and astrophysics. A positive change in Pakistan is recently being recorded where astronomy is being considered kind of like a big deal.

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Even if the government is raising funds for National Space Program, it all trickles down to the very basic questions – whether filthy politicians would ever allow such ambitious and prosperity aspiring projects to leave the planning table. If Pakistan fails to take action in the very next years, this country should not expect to ever catch up to the world in any regard, because remember, the electronics you use like mobile phones, have all been possible thanks to space technology.

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