GNN Anchor Bashed Palwasha Khan From PPP

GNN Anchor Bashed Palwasha Khan From PPP


News Today: GNN Anchor Bashed Palwasha Khan From PPP 

Pakistani anchors are notorious for their never ending quest of TRP ratings and cheap publicity stunts. Freedom of speech has become one of the most famous mantras of these news TV channels’ anchorpersons, not keeping in mind even the basic bounds of human decency. Difference of opinion always exists, but this cannot ever become the basis for ridiculing any human being. GNN Anchor bashed Palwasha Khan from PPP, and this anchorperson is no other than Imran Riaz Khan. He called Palwasha Khan on his show just to not let her talk and continuously misbehave with her.

Politically Biased Journalism

GNN is often referred to as the “Bakery Channel” because of its origin being Gourmet Bakers from Lahore. This channel is often seen defying basic norms of journalism which include decency with guests on live show. And to add injury to insult, the entire staff on this channel is extremely politically biased. Imran Riaz Khan is a well known pro PTI anchorperson who just simply cannot bear anyone talking sense against his favorite politician.

Quite luckily, some images have been revealed which reinforce the public stigma that GNN is indeed a fraud channel with its mission to ridicule any entity who tries to defy PTI. These images show that GNN literally begged Palwasha Khan, who is actually a lawmaker and quite well-educated, to join their TV channel on their daily night talk show. This begging was done to actually make Palwasha Khan come face to face with Imran Riaz Khan, who would then do what he does best.

Public Is Boycotting Bakery Channel

Many PTI fans and members have condemned this behavior of Imran Riaz Khan who does not have the basic decency to talk to a human being, let alone a woman. These anchors are so blinded by self-righteousness and ego that they cannot accept a word on their personality, even if it is true. People are constantly condemning GNN for its ridiculous journalism and demanding a public apology.

Journalism does not measure people on the standards of their honesty or code of conduct, it is a field which incessantly demands modesty and facts. Even if PPP is a corrupt political party, it does not mean a random anchorperson can go around and vandalize one’s respect on live TV while not giving the other person a chance to speak. Gangster behavior.

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