Girl from Karachi Arrested for Sexually Abusing and Blackmailing a Boy

Girl from Karachi Arrested for Sexually Abusing and Blackmailing a Boy


We have often heard about how men blackmail women on social media regarding their private data. But today’ss case was in itself quite a rare incident.

A female teacher from Karachi has been arrested for sexually abusing a young boy and blackmailing him with the inappropriate videos.

All this scenario comes to light when the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing received a complaint from a citizen named Tahir Rasheed. Tahir complained against the girl named Sumera Ishaq for blackmailing and abusing her sexually.

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As per details, Sumera got involved with Tahir on social media. Afterward, the two of them developed a physical relationship. However, Tahir, who is a student, refused to marry Sumera upon her request.

For the sake of revenge, Sumera leaked the private photos of Tahir on all over the social media.

According to the Additional Director of Cyber Crime Circle Karachi

The girl is a habitual offender and has been into these activities for a long time. She also seduced and blackmailed one of Tahir’s relatives before him. Sumera seems professional in blackmailing and seducing boys.

The official said that Sumera has been playing around with not only boys but with girls also. Consequently, she blackmails them after getting their private data and demand for money.
Reportedly Sumera has many fake IDs on different social media apps.

Moreover, several objectionable videos and photographs with other victims were found on her phone. Further, two cell phones and a number of SIM cards, used in blackmailing, were also seized during the raid.

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FIA Cyber Crime – Saviour of modern times

FIA is a law enforcement agency dedicated to fighting cybercrime. The inception of this Hi-Tech crime-fighting unit transpired in 2007 to identify and curb the phenomenon of technological abuse in society.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has issued a report for the year 2019 in which 15,038 cases of crime were registered at the FIA Cyber Crime Cell in 2019.

According to the report, cases of absconders, illegally operating telephone exchanges, gangs involved in buying and selling via fake credit cards, and harassment of housewives and girls via Facebook and WhatsApp were registered.

Out of the total cases, 6,208 cases have been closed while 8,830 cases are pending. As per details, the crime cell, this year, took action and closed important cases against those involved in blackmailing and threatening people on social media.

In cases of harassment, the Cyber Crime Cell has arrested more than 14 accused involved in blackmailing and harassing housewives and girls in colleges and universities in Punjab via Whatsapp and Facebook.

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