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Girl From Islamabad Called Aadat By Atif Aslam ‘Habit’ and It Started a Hilarious Trend!


Now Reading: Girl From Islamabad Called Aadat By Atif Aslam ‘Habit’ and It Started a Hilarious Trend!

Social media is the ideal place for stuff to go viral. The new trend on social media is of translating Atif Aslam songs in English. It all started when a girl from Islamabad, Pakistan, decided to respond to a friend by playing the English translation of Aslam’s song Aadat as Habit. Must have taken the poor guy hours to process what she meant!

Atif Aslam is someone who doesn’t need any introduction. For someone who is living under a rock and still hasn’t somehow heard of him, Atif is a well-known Pakistani singer who developed his own distinctive style of singing in Bollywood. His songs were all about love and heartbreak, and he began his singing career with the influential band Jal, despite having no formal music training before his college days.

When director Mahesh Bhatt asked for the singer’s permission to use Woh Lamhe in his 2005 film Zeher, starring Emraan Hashmi and Udita Goswami, he got his first big break. Now, he is a household name.

Anyways, Netizens quickly jumped on board the ‘translation’ trend, sharing their own poorly translated versions of Atif’s iconic Hindi songs. They rewrote the titles and lyrics of his signature songs in English and posted them on the site, challenging others to guess which one it is. Some were easy to figure out, while others were a little more complicated. Their creative genius is sure to get a chuckle out of you too!

Netizens Wilding

Lets have a look at the absolutely hilarious chain of tweets that the Islamabadi girl’s shenanigans gave rise to:

Well, those were some of the best ones for us. What did you think of them? Did you manage to guess all of them? How many did you miss? Tell us in the comment section below!


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