Girl Dies After Falling From Roof at a Night Party in Islamabad


Now Reading: Girl Dies After Falling From Roof at a Night Party in Islamabad

Parties and other activities of the same nature have brought many tragedies to its participants in recent times. Whether it be the needless firing or the instances of harassment and assault at such events, the fact that nothing good comes out of ‘partying’ in a manner like that has stood the test of time.

In yet another instance of a tragedy happening while people ‘enjoying’ themselves, two girls fell from a roof top of the venue where the party was taking place, one of whom died on the spot. The other girl managed to survive, though she suffered serious injuries. This unfortunate event took place in a night party that was being held at a private hotel (room no 501) of the Woodpecker Suites & Hotel in Civic Center, Bahria Town, Islamabad. TW//


As per reports from police sources, the tragedy which led to the young girl losing her life followed a clash between the girls and some boys that occurred at the night party. The reason for the clash is yet to be known but apparently, things went so out of control that security guards of the venue had to get involved.

Amidst this chaos, the security guards were forced to open fire, though it only made the situation worse. This open firing also injured a young man. Fortunately for the youth, the Islamabad police and other relevant aid agencies rushed to the spot and shifted the injured to the PIMS Hospital, saving them from a lot of pain that they could have very well went through, considering the context surrounding the incident.


There are preliminary reports surrounding the incident that suggest that the girls didn’t just ‘fall off’ the roof but were instead, pushed off it. Though further investigation is still underway as per police sources, four boys that were at the night party in the hotel have been taken into custody till things clear up.

Condolences to the victims of this tragic event, but when will people learn that actively putting yourself in situations where there is a very high probability of something bad taking place isn’t very smart? Hopefully, ‘night parties’ like this don’t take away the lives of any more than they already have and no more tragic stories are able to be written like this.

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