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Get to Know the Girl Behind Viral “Pawri” Video, Dananeer Mobeen, and Her Response


Now Reading: Get to Know the Girl Behind Viral “Pawri” Video, Dananeer Mobeen, and Her Response

This past week, the internet found its new obsession in a viral video. Featuring a friends gang from Pakistan, the selfie video shows Dananeer Mobeen. the popular social media influencer, with her friends. Originally shared on her Instagram, the video has now crossed 2.5 million views.

“Yeh humari car hai, yeh hum hain, aur yeh humari pawri ho rahi hai” has now become the meme trend of the month, sparking a fest on both sides of the border. By now, all of you must have seen this viral video that has taken the internet by storm.

Many people seem to believe that pawri is just how she says it. But she explains it in the caption of the video she originally posted on Instagram. The famous video shared by her was to troll the rich people also known as “burgers” when they visit northern areas of Pakistan. The video showed her partying with friends in the middle of a hilly road and was captioned as “When borgors visit northern areas: yeh hamari pawri horai haai. This is the gold content you guys signed up for. 10/10 meme material”.

Who Is Dananeer Mobeen?

Dananeer aka the pawri ho rahi hai girl is a Pakistani influencer and content creator based in Islamabad with a wide social media following. Her nickname is Geena and she is just 19 years old. Now she has 413k followers on her Instagram. Her photoshoots and vlogs are popular among fans who turn to her for outfits, skincare and makeup.

Apart from enjoying spending time with her family, Dananeer dabbles her hand in painting and singing. She is also an avid dog lover.

Have a look at some of her photos posted on instagram:


dananeer mobeen

dananeer mobeen

After her video became the most trending video, she became the talk of the town. From fans, followers, to celebrities, many are recreating her video in their own style.

Reactions on the Video

Many people started making memes as soon as the video went viral. Have a look at some of those:

Video Recreations

Many people have so far recreated it by copying the Instagram video while adopting the accent like her and shared on twitter.

Celebrities like Saba Qamar and Wasim Akram Also imitated the girl and shared videos for their fans.

Recreation by Indian Composer Yashraj Mukhate

After taking Pakistani social media by storm, the trend Pawri ho rahi hai has now gone across the border and to everyone’s delight, it has turned into a catchy song.. The funniest recreation was by Indian music composer and content creator Yashraj Mukhate who is famous for converting viral video, short film and TV serial clips into funny song by adding music.

He took to his instagram and captioned the video as : “Aajse me party nahi karunga sirf pawri karunga. Kyuki party karneme wo mazaa nahi jo pawri karneme hai”.

He also thanked people for suggesting the video to him and also gave a big shoutout to the “pawri girl” Dananeer Mobeen.

Within a few hours of going live on Instagram, Mukhate’s video gathered more than 1.4 million views, 530,000 plus likes, and close to 9,000 comments.

View the hilarious video below:

Response of Dananeer Mobeen

Dananeer Mobeen has spoken on the crazy response she got on social media, saying she is overwhelmed and having fun over the recreations of her video. She expressed that she had no idea the video would go viral, saying: I was just out with my friends and took out my phone to capture the moment”.

When asked whether her friends pronounce party as Pawry, she explained how she said it just to make her followers laugh.

“I am so grateful that I was able to bring a smile to the faces of my large family of followers”

She thanked her fans and followers on Instagram Friday after Indian music composer Yashraj Mukhate recreated her video.

“Very overwhelmed right now..it’s crazy…I am so happy that you are enjoying this video so so much,” she said in her video message.

“I think at this point the only thing that matters to me is that everyone is enjoying this thing and I’m having fun looking at you guys enjoying this trend and this song.. its recreations.”

“I am lost for words but overwhelmed and super excited and grateful and humble,” she added.

She has another surprise in store for all her fans. The content creator took to her Instagram with an adorable video of herself could be seen grooving to Indian music composer Yashraj Mukhate’s new track based on her own viral #PawriHoriHai trend.

“Pawri tou abb shuru hougee! Can you guess what’s coming soon? Working on something exciting for you and your friends to enjoy on your next ‘pawri’,” she wrote in the caption.

She also expressed her gratitude to Mukhate for creating the hit new song about her: “BIG SHOUTOUT TO @yashrajmukhate for this banger!!!”

As an ode to her pawri fame, her latest picture on Instagram, that shows her posing in a green outfit, is captioned, “Kinda sad that winters almost over but hum summers main bhee pawri karenge.”

She has also said that since people are appreciating the funny aspect of her personality, she will create more light-hearted videos in future for her Instagram and YouTube channels.

All of this shows the power of social media and how a person can become an overnight sensation with just one video.

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