German Climbers Back in Pakistan as COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Ease


Now Reading: German Climbers Back in Pakistan as COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Ease

Five German climbers have arrived in Pakistan as a group to once again begin conquering the country’s tall peaks as coronavirus travel restrictions finally ease. This group of German mountaineers are on an expedition to conquer a tall peak located in the Shimshal Valley of Gilgit Baltistan, which stands at a height of a whopping 6500-meters.

Pakistan houses 14 of the tallest mountains in the entire world. Considering this, the country is the PERFECT destination for enthusiastic climbers willing to take on a challenge. Such a group of mountaineers has now arrived at Shimshal Valley, Gilgit Baltistan to challenge themselves to climb one of the country’s tallest peaks. This team of mountaineers is led by Felix Berg and the group is eagerly planning to take on this expedition.


Limitations on Tourism Gradually Returning to Normal

It is well known that many sectors of the country suffered several adverse effects due to the rampant virus. Tourism in Pakistan was one of the effected sectors and it had to be restricted in some way or rather stopped entirely in order to contain the virus’ spread. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan are the two main hubs for tourism in the country. People from not only all over the country but rather from the entire the world visit these areas. The natural beauty and landscape these areas are blessed with by God not only provide an amazing exploring but help in relaxing the soul as well.

Before coronavirus, Pakistan was reporting around forty expeditions on a monthly basis being conducted in the country. Hundreds of foreign climbers and trekkers were visiting Pakistan. But unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the country’s flourishing tourism suffered a downwards spiral. But finally, things are starting to return to normal as travel restrictions in the country are being eased. This group of five enthusiastic German climbers is living proof of this notion.


There is no doubt that the country is full of breathtaking tourist spots and they suffered because of the virus. However, now, the situation is finally returning towards normalcy. It is also important to note though that government and authorities alike have warned the people not to go overboard on the travelling. Ensuring precautionary measures to the absolute is more necessary than ever right now. The pandemic hasn’t yet left the world and if SOP’s are ignored, the country could suffer from a second wave. This surely must be prevented at all costs to prevent another downwards spiral for the sector!


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