FWO to Finally Start the Construction Of Dadhocha Dam in Rawalpindi


Now Reading: FWO to Finally Start the Construction Of Dadhocha Dam in Rawalpindi

The Frontier Works Organization (FWO) is soon going to begin the construction of the Dadhocha Dam as construction teams have finally been mobilized to the execution site, along with the machinery. This dam will be built in the Dadhocha village in Rawalpindi and once constructed, the dam will supply 35 million gallons of water to the residents of the city as well as to its adjoining areas every day.

Reportedly, the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) won the contract for Dadhocha Dam and as such, the project will be completed in a period of three years. The work on the Dam is expected to start in two or three weeks as Punjab government has released the early sum of Rs. 150 million to the FWO. It will be closed from DHA valley.

According to the details, the FWO will complete the work on Dadhocha Dam at a total cost of around PKR 6.429 billion. For the work to proceed smoothly, Commissioner Rawalpindi has recommended that a site office should be set up at any suitable place. He added that the missionary should be mobilized on the spot to start the work and steps in this regard should be completed as soon as they can be.


Ending Water Shortage in the Potohar Region

Punjab Government had proposed the construction of the Dadhocha and Chahan dam to end the water shortage, both for drinking as well as for agriculture purposes, in the Potohar region. Section 4 of Land Acquisition Act 1894 was imposed by the District administration for the purpose, under which land acquisition in Kallar Syedan and Rawalpindi has started.

More than 1640 kanals of land was acquired for which the payment has been started to private owners and the process will be completed soon. If we are talking about the exact location of the dam, it will be constructed on upstream of Soan River and all the rain water from Murree and Kahuta hills will gather in the lake at Dadhocha village near Sihala on Kahuta Road.

As many as 10 villages, including seven Rawalpindi ones and three of Kahuta will come under the dam’s range of supply. Around 218 houses, seven industrial and commercial units and other areas will get affected by this project too.


The total storage capacity of the dam would be set at 60,000 acre feet, the dead level storage capacity at 15,000 acre feet while the live storage capacity would be built to be at 45,000 acre feet. The water inflow to the dam is estimated to be around 77,000 cusecs while the outflow at about 42,000 cusecs.

Along with the dam, a treatment plan along with its main line will also be constructed by the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA). The Dadhocha Dam will also contribute to the ecology of the area, increase the green cover, serve the city’s water needs greatly and will definitely serve to act as a tourism spot for the twin cities as well!


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