From a 15 years old child bride to a Ph.D. student, a Pakistani woman made it all

From a 15 years old child bride to a Ph.D. student, a Pakistani woman made it all


Since gaining independence, Pakistan has struggled to solidify its political state long enough to implement sufficient nationalized education systems. Unluckily the education system remains encumbered by infrastructure problems, poverty, and gender inequality. 

Regardless of a bunch of problems, a brilliant woman name Aziza Khan breaks all the stereotypes. She continues her studies even after all the obstacles and today she is a Ph.D. student.

From a 15 years old child bride to a Ph.D. student, a Pakistani woman made it all

Story of Aziza Khan

She belongs to a tribal area of Balochistan. At the age of 15, she got married to her cousin, of course forcefully. Before marriage, she was very fond of studies but later on the twist in her life supposed to take her to another path. But this brave lady decides to continue her studies and pursue a goal to do FA. Now she is a student of a Ph.D.

Certainly, the uneducated background of her makes it more challenging for her to attain her goals. 

“I was a competent and hard-working ‘Matric’ student. As a child bride, I knew my wedding was happening, but I did not know what a wedding was. I used to be afraid of going into my husband’s room”.

What’s the moment of decision for her?

The birth of her first child; for whom she couldn’t buy medicines due to poverty.

She decided to earn money so she can resume her studies and gave tuitions to young children. Through, this she managed to earn about Rs1200, through which she earned her school attendance fees.

Role of Aziza’s mother in law

Not only Aziza break the stereotypes but her Mother-in-law too by supports her Daughter-in-law to chase her dreams. 

“My mother-in-law was my only ally in my husband’s house and she supported me throughout,” Aziza credited her Mother-in-law while sharing her struggles.

She, later on, adds, “She even looked after the children and housework. She is a kind, humble, and good-natured person.”

The behavior of her husband was not good with Aziza. When she was studying at night he used to switch off the light and Aziza was compelled to study in the light of a heater.

Finally, after countless hardships, Aziza made it! She secured 3rd position all over the province of Balochistan and is now enrolled in her Ph.D. program.

Women in Pakistan are still deprived of their basic rights. Even Islam regards women on a very superior rank. The Last Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W.W.) said:

“Acquisition of knowledge is binding on all Muslims (both men and women without any discrimination)”. [Narrated by Ibn Maja in al-Sunan, 1:81 §224.]

From a 15 years old child bride to a Ph.D. student, a Pakistani woman made it all

It is quite amazing to see Pakistani women are now coming forward. We hope the story of Aziza Khan will inspire many other Pakistani girls and given them a spark to gain knowledge and achieve their goals.

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