Four IBA Students Detained over ‘Indecent Activities’ Inside a Car


Now Reading: Four IBA Students Detained over ‘Indecent’ Activities Inside a Car

The administration of the University of Karachi has reportedly detained four students of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) after they were allegedly caught for being involved in ‘Indecent Activities’ inside a car within the university’s premises. This was reported by Times of Karachi on Sunday. The media outlet claimed initiation of action against at least four students i.e. two male and female students of IBA over their “inappropriate activity”.

As per the details of the ToK report, the IBA students that included two girls and two boys, allegedly got caught in two separate vehicles by the security guards in the space science department of the Karachi University on Sunday because the guards suspected suspicious activities as the cars had tinted windows. Later on, the guards shifted the students along with the vehicles to the campus office for further questioning.

The security guards informed the university’s administration that the students were might have been engaged in inappropriate activities inside the cars as they had put up shades on the vehicles and were on KU campus grounds on a Sunday. In this regard, the security adviser for the KU has stated that the IBA has recorded the statements of the detained students on what their business was there.

The administration of the University of Karachi has also reportedly written a letter to IBA. The purpose of this letter was to inquire about the students’ presence at the university and why they parked their tinted car at an abandoned place, as per ToK. Though, no official statement has been released by either at the time being.

Netizens furious over the IBA incident

This IBA incident hasn’t sat well with social media users across Pakistan. Many have expressed their displeasure and anger at this incident. Not only have they criticized the lack of and the negligence of the university’s security. Pointing out the increasing number of such incidents in recent times, they have asked the administration to take strict action and make sure such incidents must not occur again.

Here’s what they had to say about it:



On the other hand, some criticized the administration for making a big commotion and fuss about such a thing. They argued that people are exaggerating an instance where there is no evidence to back up claims of indecent activity and parking a car with tinted windows, even if at an abandoned place, isn’t enough basis to just punish the students and such a thing is simply unnecessary.


Not a one-off incident

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first case of this nature involving IBA students. Back in October, six suspects were arrested and a case was filed against them for allegedly harassing IBA students within the University’s premises. The case was brought to light by a male student who was accompanying two female friends in a car.

As per the details shared by him on social media, the harassers followed the car and kept hooting at the female student. They even forced the car to stop at one point. Though fortunately, the driver of the vehicle was able to break free and reach a security check post. Later on, the arrested suspects were released on bail.

Its truly sad to see that educational institutes aren’t even free of such scandals. Hopefully, the authorities work towards fixing this very real issue plaguing our country.


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