Former Principal of DPS shot 4 times after being robbed at Lahore


Lahore: Shala Malik-Former DPS retired principal shot 4 times in the broad daylight while being robbed. This news comes to the surface when a page on Facebook posted for soon recovery of Shala.

The page named “The Real Publicans” runs by a student, who posted:

“Our respected retired principal Ma’am Shala Malik is in a very critical condition right now and all the needs is or prayers for her. She was robbed in the evening and was shotted 4 times by the robbers after they robbed her. We request all the Publicans to pray for her health and recovery. May she get well soon Ameen SumAmeen.”

Later on, a video came forth which was shot by an eye witness. Although it is blurry, you can hear the shoot of the gun clearly. Further, you can see how this daring robber straight shot the principal in broad daylight at a busy road.



Whereas, the video maker and other eyewitnesses tryna stop him using abusive language against him but Alas! None of them dare to go near to him. After shooting Shala, the robber confidently escaped from the place of incident on his bike.


The Reaction of Students and Teachers

This incident was quite heartbreaking for all the students and teachers of DPS. The students showed their love and respect towards their beloved Former Principal by loading the comment section with plenty of warm wishes.

Possible Scenarios

The case is still under Enquiry but there are some apparent possible scenarios. The Robber must be one of her known person who knows about Shala very well. Either, he takes any revenge from Shala and covers it under robbery.

Luckily she survived the gunshots and on her way to recovery with the wishes of her students and beloved ones.

It is truly saddening to see the disgusting face of society and where it is heading even in this Holy month of Ramzan.  This incident has raised a question for all of us:

“Aren’t we safe on the streets of our city now?”

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