Firdous Ashiq Awan’s Most Hilarious Moments of 2020


Now Reading: Firdous Ashiq Awan’s Most Hilarious Moments of 2020

Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan – Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information – is a name that everyone saw in Pakistani memes throughout the entirety of last year. She not only stayed at the forefront of government’s visits, showcasing her charisma as a government official, but also demonstrated her inherent humorous personality throughout them all.

Working tirelessly is one thing that she definitely did, but staying the talk of the town by participating in various activities like sports as such on television is why Firdous is unironically a naturally gifted all-rounder. Of course, participation like that isn’t all it takes to stay popular nowadays. Her unique humor that rattled quite a few government reps in the opposing block of the National Assembly was the thing that captured the attention and hearts of many netizens.

In honor of this special sense of humor Dr. Awan showcased by ruffling the feathers of anyone and everyone who tried to cross her path, here are some of the most hilarious moments that she had in 2020:

“Tange bhi protect karo, nahi to virus neeche se aa jaayega”

Instances of unfortunate wording becoming viral are quite common in Pakistani politics. From Bilawal’s “Jab barish ata hai to paani ata hai” to various other verbal flubs by multiple political figures, it is a fact that no one is safe from falling victim to unlucky wording incidents, not even the master of words – PM Khan himself.

Such an incident was when Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan did a briefing on the coronavirus pandemic. What started as an advice to people to cover themselves properly aside from wearing masks, turned into an innuendo that became a running meme for months to come. In the briefing, the Special Assistant to PM Khan could be heard saying:

“Tumhara jism ho, pau ho, tange ho, vo protect ho. Yeh nahi hai ki main sirf apne munh ko protect karlu aur virus neeche se aajae, sari cheeze aapko sath-sath chalani hai. Yeh bhi ek medical science hai aur humne iske liye milke kaam karna hai. (Wear full clothes and cover your body, just covering your face is not sufficient. This is a part of medical science and we have to keep this in mind.)”

Encouraging the Rescue 1122 Workers

Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan became a rider, provider (get it?) when she channeled her inner dhoom energy in support of the hardworking workers of the Rescue 1122 service. She boldly rode a rescue bike in front of an audience that was just awestruck by her skills during her Lahore visit!Firdous

“Rajkumari knockout hojaye gi”

In the past year, there were quite a few tense exchanges between the government and Pakistan Democratic Movement. With quite a few important figures from both sides resorting to wordplay interesting enough to be fitting for even a rap battle, the chaos in the country’s politics was at an all time high.

Amidst all this, there was a rumor floating around that PDM had put in a ‘request’ for a boxing match with Maryam Safdar. Firdous Ashiq Awan of course, couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a witty remark and stated, “Rajkumari knockout hojaye gi (The princess will get knocked out)”, basically insinuating that Mike Tyson doesn’t stand a chance against her boxing skills, let alone the opposition!

‘Assisting’ the farmers

Being a responsible government official, instead of using just empty words to show how much she sympathizes with the poor farmer folk, Firdous simply took it upon herself to get on a tractor and help them. What a role model!


Boom Boom in the Making

Having been quoted as saying things like “Cricket is my passion”, Firdous proved it once and for all that they weren’t just empty statements in her visit to the Govt. College Women University Sialkot when she demonstrated her cricket skills to a cheering crowd. Later on, she channeled her inner boom boom again during an event organized in Governor House, Lahore as she clean bowled the Governor of Punjab!

Making Kaptaan Khan proud, isn’t she?


Ronaldo, Messi Who?!

After scaring Afridi with the threat of breaking his records, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan decided to demonstrate her football skills as well. She was invited as a chief guest for a public event which let Firdous showcase the skills she acquired by her past hobby of playing football. Ronaldo and Messi should be TERRIFIED!

Making Bruce Lee Shake in His Boots

Bike riding, ploughing the fields, cricket, boxing, football… would think that doing all those things would mean that she has already demonstrated her full power for shenanigans. But that wasn’t even her final form.

SAPM Firdous showcased why no one should reckon with a force as mighty as her when she blatantly flaunted her karate skills in an event, stunning all the onlookers and doubters in her natural ability!

A master at everything she does, that is who Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan is. Truly a natural wonder ๐Ÿ˜†

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